Mallacar Coffee Table, the Multifunctional Vintage-styled Table for Coffee Lovers

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Mallacar Coffee Table, the Multifunctional Vintage-styled Table for Coffee Lovers

Mallacar Coffee Table offers something that the other coffee tables don’t. It comes with the roomy, extensive size. Many people use the coffee table not just to put their drinks on top of it. With the weight of 50.8 kg, this table looks sturdy enough to carry lots of stuff. With 54 inches weight and 18 inches height, this piece is perfectly suitable for doing some extra works, like playing laptop or reading books. For additional value, the book lovers would be ecstatic because this table has another shelf below it. This lower shelf will be a perfect place to stack the magazines or books collection. Well, this coffee table looks very simple, but has the effective usability as well.

The design itself is a special one. Mallacar Coffee Table has a black, velvety texture plank surfaces with a uniquely shaped supporting legs, both made from veneers, and manmade wood. The finishing and wire brush add some detailing qualities. This coffee table has a captivating charm with its elegant shape. Moreover, it offers an urban vibes, but some vintage accents at the same time.

Mallacar Coffee Table, the Multifunctional Vintage-styled Table for Coffee Lovers

Well, the product needs some assembling process. But, don’t worry about the installation since it has a manual which is very easy to follow. Another great advance of using this table in your living room is the solid durability. Sometimes, we are being careless, spilling some water on top of the table. Those drops of liquid don’t seem to affect the quality or damage the sturdy coffee table. For those families with little child or infants, this table will ensure your safety with its blunt edge.

This heavenly piece is a signature product from Ashley Furniture. The company also has another worth-trying product: the Mallacar Sofa Table. Made of the same materials, which is veneers, this table is a fine choice for your sofa companion. It has 18 inches width, 32.25 inches height, and 60 inches length. With the limitless spaces, you can leisurely watch TV while putting some popcorn over there. This table can be used for placing any decoration, as well as being the decoration because of its daring, appealing design.

Furthermore, Mallacar Coffee Table is sold with affordable price at some websites. With the outstanding quality and a sophisticated appearance, the price will be worth it. This item is a perfect choice for those who need a flexible and simple design, but can give an expensive-looking product.

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