Mainstays 5 Shelf Bookcase Instructions to Help You Build a Home for Your Books

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Mainstays 5 Shelf Bookcase Instructions

Let’s talk about Mainstays 5 shelf bookcase instructions. However, before you get into this discussion, do you categorize yourself as a big fan of books that you like collecting them? If so, you must have a great number of books at home. Now, do you ever think of putting them neatly on bookcase, but have no idea which kind of bookcase you might need? Do not worry as you can have Mainstays bookcase. Well, it is a kind of furniture that people usually get when they need to deal with home decorating. It is packed with all things needed to put altogether.

If you are looking for perfect bookcase, this is it. However, you need to decide the size first. It is pretty recommended 5-shelf design to give more space. You may do not know how to put the Mainstays bookcase altogether. Do not get panic as now we will discuss about Mainstays 5 shelf bookcase instructions. Here are some simple instructions of shelf book assembly that you need to do.

First of all, take the pieces of bookcase out of box and pay attention to every piece. If you see its edges, now three edges will be undone and one will be done. Now, you have got the back side of bookcase. Then, look for the left side. It is usually marked with “A”. Find some nuts that are used as locks. Then, use a hammer to strike the nuts into the hole on the inside of panel left and right side. Afterwards, find 8 locking bolts in the bag. Use a hammer again to strike the bolts into predrilled homes on the pieces that should be the top of bookcase.

In addition, put the part of pins from “D” into piece “A.” The pins will slip into the nut. You can use screwdriver to turn the lock and secure the pins in place. Do the same process for the piece “B”. Then, put piece “C” onto the top of “A” and “B” and turn the lock nuts to secure the piece in place. Find the shelf supports and put them at the desired height in the holes on the inside of shelf bookcase. Now, the home for your books is ready.

Quite easy, isn’t it? Well, consider getting this kind of shelf bookcase for the sake of your books. Well, hopefully this article about Mainstays 5 shelf bookcase instructions really helps you.

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