Loftless Tiny House for You who have a Limited Budget

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loftless tiny houses

If you frequently use the internet, you are certainly aware of the existence of loftless tiny houses. Yes, they are starting to become a trend among millennial. The tiny house itself is the same as an ordinary house. The difference lies in the space of only between 85 and 400 square feet, and sometimes it can be mobile or stationary. To save the budget and reduce the weight of a house, most tiny houses are made without loft. This type of house is suitable for you who still live alone or the couples with a minimalist lifestyle.

The movement to live in a small-sized house began in 1997. At that time, awareness began to emerge that was simpler and more environmentally friendly. The concept carried in the form is to limit the negative impacts caused to the environment, produce as little waste as possible and minimize the carbon footprint. This attracted the interest of many people who were concerned about environmental sustainability and those who had limited funds to build houses.

If you plan to build either loftless tiny house or the one with loft, you should plan it carefully. There are some rules you must pay attention to, so the house will feel comfortable. Here are the things to consider.

Sanitation system

A small house requires at least one bathroom. To save the space, you can make a separate bathroom.



For tiny houses with loft, they are allowed to have stairs, including the boat stairs, or an alternative way to reach the loft.


Minimum ceiling height

The ideal tiny house has a minimum ceiling height of around 6 feet 8 inches. The bathroom and kitchen can be made lower, which is about 6 feet 4 inches.



Tiny houses don’t need a lot of windows, but they must meet safety standards as emergency exit.

Well, living in this house might suit some people. However, if you like to travel, loftless tiny house on wheels can be the best choice. Another advantage in some countries like the USA is that you don’t have to pay property taxes. One type you can refer to is the vardo or gypsy wagon. These houses are designed with high beds and storage area under the house. You still have to climb the stairs to get in, but it’s not like climbing stairs in general because they are very short. The traditional vardo usually has a design that’s quite simple and not too large. You are suggested to redesign loftless tiny house to suit your needs.

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