Levitt Homes Floor Plan and What People Should Understand about It

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Levitt Homes Floor Plan

Levitt Homes floor plan is a very interesting house plan to look at, even though the suburban house was already there for more than 60 years. Levitt home is the term used to describe the house in Levittown, New York. It was one of the earliest suburban areas in the USA and the houses there are well-known for its simple yet comfortable design. Here is more information about the house in Levittown and some of its floor plans, too.

Levitt and Sons at a Glance

Before looking at the Levitt Homes floor plan, it is better for you to get to know the Levitt and Sons Company. This was the name of a real estate company. It was very popular in the 1950s. The owner, Abraham Levitt, had the dream to build numerous houses and construct a new suburban area. Eventually, he managed to get the dream into reality by building Levittown. There are more than 17,000 houses there and they were all built in either cape style of the ranch style.


The Cape House

The cape model or the cape cods model was the simpler type of house in Levittown. It was based on a concrete slab and the one-story house was completed by four rooms, a kitchen, and a bathroom. It was quite small. However, it was highly livable and the landscape was very interesting. Back then in the 1950s, the house was very popular and basically a lot of people from across the USA came to Levittown to rent or buy the cape house.

Levitt Homes Floor Plan and What People Should Understand about It

The Ranch House

Levitt and Sons homes have two styles. The first one is the cape house and you can already read it up above. The second one is called the ranch house. It was a bit larger than the cape. The four-bedroom house had fireplace, large windows, and massive backyard. The kitchen area and the living room are also quite large for a house built in the 1950s.

Back then, the house was very popular because it offers comfort and simplicity. Today, Levittown is still there on the same spot and the houses are there, too. Most of them have been renovated from time to time by its owners to make sure that the living space will be even more comfortable to use in these modern days. If you are interested in Levitt Homes floor plan, some of them can be seen up there and you can also copy the house style for sure.

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