Leftover Granite Slabs for Sale: What Can You Make from Those Remnants?

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Leftover Granite Slabs for Sale2

You might come across leftover granite slabs for sale while surfing the net. Interestingly, you found not only one article mentioning it. What is it and what can be done from these remnants? Check the explanations below.


What are leftover granite slabs and why are they on sale?

Just like a box of pizza, sometimes granite slabs too have leftovers. Granite leftovers, or usually called as granite slabs remnants, are pieces of granite stones which comes from larger granite countertops project.

Slabs usually come in 6 or 7 pieces in a bundle, and they usually have same features so that these granite slabs can be used for the same project, which is countertop project in most cases.

After the cut, usually the project will leave partial slabs and random sized granite pieces that cannot be applied for bigger project. These orphan pieces will be offered at discounted price, aiming the fast buyers to pick them up.


What can be made from leftover granite pieces?

Just like using a used plastic bottle, you can use the granites you obtain from leftover granite slabs for sale offers on the net. Below are several examples how to use the slab remnants to create something usable – can you mention some more?



Thinking how to survive small cut of slabs? Try making it to coasters. While the common coasters shape is round, be creative to create ‘randomly-shaped’ coasters: from triangles, squares, and even irregular shapes. Your drinking glass, mugs, and tea cups can now stand on such luxury!


End Table

Dealing with large granite remnants? You can try combining it with wood to create luxurious table. Don’t worry if you have it only for the top part of it, it is already looking cool that way. Moreover, by using granites, having a durable table with low-maintenance needed is made feasible.


Serving tray

Beautiful granite tray is on your way! Isn’t granite tray a lovely addition to your dining ware? You can make it in irregular shape or stick with the basic rectangle or circle. Then, putting the hearty cooked dishes is one finishing touch to create a great dining moment with your family.


Lamp base

Lastly, from that granite slabs remnant for sale offer, you can create a great lamp base. The trick is to stack the square/rectangular granite cuts atop one another. Then, your next job is to find the matching lamp.

You may ask how much this granite pieces cost. The remnants cost vary, but for the rough estimation, it costs around $10-$35 per square foot. For a big size remnant – which equals to 6-7 sqft, the estimated cost is around $60-250, depending on its quality. Of course, to do the remake, you will need more bucks to spend. But, this discounted price will be equal to the product quality gained from the leftover granite slabs for sale.

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