Leesa Sapira Mattresses Reviews to Help You with Bed Purchasing Decision

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Leesa Sapira

As one of the most popular bed-in-box brands, Leesa Sapira has many types of mattress to offer, including original and hybrid mattresses. One of the reasons why the brand so popular is because the ability to fit and ship bed anywhere in a box, as well as the free shipping benefit. When you purchased the mattress for the first time, you are entitled to the right of 100 days free trial. Also, if you finally decided to keep it, the company will give 10-year warranty on the bed. Here are three aspects of this stuff for you to observe and decide whether you want to buy a bed from the brand or not.


Leesa Sapira hybrid mattresses are made from stacked five layers. It starts with an inch of support foam at the base. It then topped by 6 inches of pocketed coils, which is responsible to make the bed feels responsive, supportive, and durable. On top of that, there is another inch of support foam that acts as transition between softer and firmer coil. Then it layered by 1.5 inch of memory foam as pressure relief. On the very top is the 1.5 inch of premium soft that is the neutral foam that feels softer.  With all these layers, a Leesa Sapira queen sized mattress would weigh around 115 lbs.



Despite the softer foam materials that the mattresses use, they feel decently firm and provide comfortable enough surface for sleeping purpose. The mattresses bounce pretty well when given pressure. Instead of “airy” and “fluffy”, they feel more “buoyant”, resulting in floating sensation effect for the person who sleeps on top of them. Hybrid mattresses at Leesa Sapira, are on the soft-firm to medium-firm scale, although firmness is pretty subjective for a lot of people. The heavier the body that sleeps on them, the softer the mattresses will be felt and vice versa.



The comfort aspect of the bed is actually as subjective as the firmness. As far as they tested, the hybrid mattresses are suitable enough for back and stomach sleepers. It produces plenty of support at medium-firm scale. However, they probably won’t make the best cut for side sleepers which usually feel more comfortable on softer bed.  Overall, for common combination sleepers, the mattresses will work just fine.

Leesa sapira is the more premium brand of mattress, which means their products will cost more than the average beds. However, judging by the reviews, their mattresses are performing pretty well performance. The support, firmness, and bounce of the mattresses also prove that the money for Leesa Sapira mattresses is worth its value.

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