Layered Cowhide Rug and 4 Ideas to Layer Your Old Rugs

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Layered Cowhide Rug and 4 Ideas to Layer Your Old Rugs

A layered cowhide rug is a look that many people will love. Placing a cowhide rug over a large carpet or on a wall-to-wall carpet is able to bring out lots of enticing texture and color to a room. Cowhide rugs have been booming lately compared to the old days when they were mostly seen as a feature of western-themed homes.

Today, cowhide rugs have been popular among people with diverse design tastes. Regardless of whether it’s a residence with a minimalist, modern, or even contemporary décor, many people started to use this new option in order to rejuvenate their home looks. The popularity of these cowhide rugs also increases because of its flexibility, durability, and easy maintenance. It also comes in a wide array of colors, styles, forms, sizes, and prices.

The ideal layer

A layered cowhide rug is able to give any room a fresh look. You can put a cowhide rug over the old carpet. Either to hide an awful stain on this old carpet or just make the room livelier, layering the old carpet with a neutral look of cowhide rug creates a more elegant space that fits nicely into a contemporary living area.

A neutral shape

Although the look of a cowhide rug is typically unique, you can also choose a neutral shape like a circle one to give a subtle touch to your living room. Using a round cowhide rug is the ideal choice for smaller spaces. It will also complement unconventional living spaces or imitate the form of a round desk above it.

Brighten up any room

A layered cowhide rug in the dining room is a great way to lift up this space’s entire look, especially if you have dark-colored walls or flooring. A white or light-colored cowhide rug is able to give an exquisite contrast that will lighten up the dining space. This distinction also works the other way around when you layer a black cowhide rug over a specific carpet in a light dining area.

Warmth look

Due to their natural look and gentle warmth, cowhide rugs are widely used in Scandinavian style. These natural rugs work well with small and light rooms because they will add a neutral look to the room without having to overwhelm the pristine look. A layered cowhide rug in a neutral shape will also add the causal look that is often found in such areas.

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