Laundry Jet Costs: How Much It Takes to Install This Advanced System to Your House

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Laundry Jet Costs

Researching about laundry jet costs is an essential step if you’re interested in installing this advanced house feature. Laundry jet might just be the solution you need if you feel dreaded every time you have to do this chore as it helps to eliminate the hassling process of collecting and bagging the heaps of dirty clothes to the laundry room.

To put it simply, laundry jet is a term that refers to an appliance that sends laundry from any room to the laundry room. Compared to the regular laundry chutes, it involves visually futuristic design that relies on air power instead of gravity. It uses vacuum force to drawn in the items you’re going to wash through a port on a wall to a designated spot in the laundry room. What’s more interesting is that this system also works in reverse so you can return the clean laundry to your room again. It’s best for this system to be installed during the construction process, but it isn’t impossible to set it up for an existing home either.

So, how much does laundry jet cost?  The price of this project starts at around $800. Laundry jet costs will increase according to the numbers of floors in the home, due to the increased number of required materials as well.

A trustworthy professional contractor will be able to help you to build a proper laundry jet design and perform the installation. However, if you’re feeling adventurous enough, this is a project that can be taken by your own as well. Of course, this will help to cut down the cost, and you are going to spend around $100 to $200 only for the material.

However, there are some significant drawbacks if you decide to go down the DIY route. First, the installation process potentially takes longer to complete. Second, it requires you to be familiar with various house infrastructure components such as pipelines, ductwork navigation, house framing, and wiring to create the tunnel where the clothes are going to be launched through to the laundry rooms. That’s why, if you aren’t confident that it’s a totally self-doable project, it’s recommended to stick with a professional.

In the end, majority of the costs required to install laundry jet depends on whether you do it yourself or hire a professional. Obviously, other factors related to the laundry jet costs of installation must be factored as well, such as other planned work for the laundry room.

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