Lane Coffee Table Serial Number Identification to Identify Authentic Furniture

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What You Need to Know about Lane Coffee Table Serial Number

Lane coffee table serial number is a number identification of the furnishing that’s produced by the brand of Lane furniture. Lane is a name that’s no stranger for the collector of vintage and old-school furniture. The serial number contains several alphanumeric codes that printed in the center of the bar code.

Where is the Lane coffee table serial number?

Usually, you would find the serial number placed under the product’s model number. If you are looking for a way to search the serial number of the Lane coffee table, here are few tips that might help you:

  • It usually placed on the underside of the table. If you’re reading the number without turn the furniture over, then you have to read the serial number backwards. So, for instance, if it’s written 954121 then the table was made on 12/14/59. The serial number is important to determine the production date.
  • If the serial numbers contain more digits than the date, then it shows the plant location of the table.
  • If there are additional numbers next to the production date and plant location, then it shows the style number of the table.

Luckily for the owner of this brand’s products, Lane coffee table serial number is always easy to identify. It is advantageous to check of the piece is original. Besides coffee table, you might find the serial number on the inside of the drawer for the cabinets. For other furnishing pieces, you may find the numbers on the under the logo. Check the numbers in the detailed way, using the guides above because most oftentimes, the number contains more digits than the production date. another method to check if your furniture is the authentic vintage Lane coffee table serial number, is to see if there’s Lane logo marked in the piece. It may only include the logo or with the “Lane Altavista” wordings with the half circle or the forest motif.

The reason why it’s important to check the true Lane furniture is because it is becoming harder and harder to find the original and authentic piece of table that truly made during the 50s to 60s so it becomes a valuable piece. It would also convenient to have a matching coffee table if you have the sofa or chairs from the same brand. Knowing the Lane coffee table serial number may help you too in case you want to sell the furniture to raise the resale value to the buyers.

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  1. Hi. I have just purchased a Lane piece. Here is the information that is under the coffee table:

    Style no. 1572 0 1
    Serial no. 2675030

    What can you tell me about this piece please? Thank you.

  2. I have purchased Lane end table serial number #560220 style no# 103805 Wanting to know information about this piece of furniture. Thank You. Darlene

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