Lane Altavista Virginia Coffee Table with Vintage and Minimalist Appearance

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Lane Altavista Virginia Coffee Table

Lane Altavista Virginia coffee table is the antique table with mid-century period style. It has the characteristic of the Lane Furniture creations, which is quality construction build and sleek styling. This table from the iconic American brand that established in 1912 is made in Altavista, Virginia, hence the name of the product. The brand used to be popular within the middle-class family during the post-war times. However, it has evolved to become a classic brand that are seek a lot by people who want rustic, vintage, or classic interior design for their homes. Putting the table on your room would give the old-school but lovely vibes to the space.

If you want to design the room with other mid-century style pieces of furniture to match the Lane Altavista Virginia coffee table, here are several characteristics as tips that you may follow:

It has simplicity

Lane Altavista Virginia Coffee Table

A lot of mid-century furnishing made with the mindset that less is more. You’d find more clean and smooth curves, surfaces, and lines compared to ornamented, boxy, or heavy design, which makes the room looks airier and lighter.


Materials Lane Altavista Virginia Coffee Table

As the Scandinavian style influences this mid-century design a lot, the use of wooden material is becoming more popular too. So does it with the Lane coffee table that is made from walnut wood.


Texture and pattern

Texture and pattern Lane Altavista Virginia Coffee Table

What makes the mid-century style unique is the combination between clean shapes and unique texture and pattern. You can incorporate the recurring pattern on the rug, lamp, fabrics, or sofa to match with the table.

Although the Lane Furniture started with producing boxes, before they even produce the antique Lane Altavista Virginia coffee table, you don’t have to worry about the quality of their items. There’s a reason why the brand become a hit around 1950s: their craftsmanship is impeccable. You could easily recognize all of their furnishing products, including the table by the eased corners, tapered legs, metal details, and dovetail joints.

If you are interested or already purchased the Lane table, make sure you take a good care to ensure it will be long-lasting. Keep the table out of the sun as much as possible, or you may invest to put quality wax on the surface. In case the Lane Altavista Virginia coffee table of yours is spilled with some stainable substance such as coffee, wipe it up immediately to avoid the damaging the surface in the future.

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