Labradorite Countertop Cost and Reason Why the Gemstone is So Expensive

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Labradorite Countertop Cost

Homeowners are hesitant about this countertop material because of labradorite countertop cost. It is considered a luxurious material for a countertop. The natural stone has very unique appearance. You can see that green, crystal blue, and specks of gold decorate the whole slab. They form random patterns together that make it so aesthetically pleasing. It is also believed that labradorite has some sort of healing energy. The stone is said to bring positive aura into the house simply by placing it at strategic places. No wonder that the price is quite expensive.

The construction

Aside from those dreamy qualities, this stone material is also great if analyzed from construction perspective. The material is hardy, so you can perform various tasks on it. If you place it in the kitchen, then you can be assured that you will not accidentally chip on a piece of your countertop. In addition to that, the material is non-porous. You can perform chopping directly on it or place the countertop on very humid area such as bathroom without worrying. This stone slab is very durable that despite the expensive labradorite countertop cost, homeowner will get a worthy investment.

The installation

If you want to invest on this countertop, you should know that the installation requires a professional hand. Dealing with this material is equal to dealing with other luxury materials such as quartz and granite countertops. If your slab has not received finishing then the professional should be able to do it. You are recommended to purchase the one that is ready to be installed, though. From there, it comes to the task of fitting the slab over your cabinet. Your cabinet should also be made of sturdy materials because this crystal stone is not exactly light. If not, your counter structure might not last long.

The availability

Why is this stone so expensive? It is not easy to source labradorite, much like granite and quartz. The stone is only found in certain countries and it becomes quite rare too. This stone is also difficult to handle. To produce high quality slab, only someone who has dealt with the stone for years can make it. The shipping cost to the area is also determining its overall cost. That is why it becomes so expensive to have this material as your countertop.

Do you still wish for this countertop? Seeing its qualities, if you have the budget for it and if the style matches your taste, then you should have it. The stone is a worthy investment, even if labradorite countertop cost is expensive

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