Knowing Cerused Oak Kitchen Cabinets Tips and Important Information

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cerused oak cabinets

For those who own cerused oak cabinets at home, surely you know how beautiful and valuable the piece of furniture is. Cerused furniture, including cabinet is indeed looking antique, unique and definitely extraordinary. This is the full information about the oak cabinet and the process of applying ceruse on the cabinet’s surface.


What is Cerused Cabinet?

Cerused furniture is basically a type of furniture in which the exterior features white coating made out of ceruse. Ceruse itself is a white powder, containing lead that once was used by women as cosmetic. Cerused cabinet has beautiful looking on the outside with the grain of wood contrasting the white layer of the ceruse material. They look absolutely gorgeous and beautiful. They do have slightly better aesthetic value,


Why Oak is the Right Type of Wood

Oak is the best kind of wood to make cerused furniture because basically the main physical feature of the cerused oak cabinets and other cerused furniture item is the grain of wood. The grain of wood must be deep and visible for the cerused effect to appear. Oak has natural characteristic of completed by deep grains of wood, making them perfect for the cerused furniture.

cerused oak cabinets

The Benefits of Owning Cerused Oak Cabinet

The main benefit of owning cerused cabinet made out of oak is its beauty and its durability. You can enjoy long-lasting cabinet that looks definitely beautiful and stands out. This is why when you want to complete the living room or the bedroom with a piece of gorgeous furniture, cerused cabinet can always be the option.


DIY Cerused Oak Cabinets

White cerused oak cabinet is surely a DIY project. You can turn your old cabinet from a boring-looking one into a stunning one. All you need to prepare is ceruse mix and some paint brushes. Always strike the brush in one, constant motion to make sure that the ceruse is evenly spread. This project is surely going to renew a lot of old pieces of furniture and give them a brand new look.

Owning ceruse furniture items are just great. They are perfect as decoration and storage unit as well. Select the best cabinet for your house and the ceruse finish is just going to make it perfect. The full information about cerused furniture up there should convince you about getting one cerused oak cabinets for the house in the future.

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