Know Steel Gray Leathered Granite Pros and Cons before Purchasing It

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Know Steel Gray Leathered Granite Pros and Cons before Purchasing It

Steel gray leathered granite is one popular choice to consider when you try to remodel your kitchen or bathroom countertops. Although gray is the popular color, you can find it in brighter color, like pink for example. It is widely used because of its durability and its looks. The leathered granite will make your home values better due to its beautiful appearance and dramatic depth it brings to any countertop surfaces.


Why leathered granite?

Choose leathered granite if you want to have your countertop finished with a matte and textured look. Although this leathered finish is more popular to be used on outdoor areas, people love to add this striking finish in their contemporary kitchens. Another reason to choose this finish is because it is more stain-resistant than other kinds of finish, like honed finish.

Know Steel Gray Leathered Granite Pros and Cons before Purchasing It

Pros and cons

Just like the two sides of a coin, steel gray leathered granite also has its pros and cons.

  • Pros
    – It hides fingerprints and smudges as it is a textured finish.
    – It enhances the granite’s natural color
    – It comes after polished finish in the term of stain resistance.
    – It comes with a unique texture unlike the other kinds of finishes, like honed or polished finish which is more traditional.
    – One can choose how smooth the texture be depending to one’s preferences


  • Cons
    – Since the finish is matte and not reflective like the polished finish, this could result in smaller room impression
    – The relief in its stone make cleaning become more tricky
    – It is easy to notice an accidental scratches or chips in the stone

Know Steel Gray Leathered Granite Pros and Cons before Purchasing It 1

Taking care of leathered granite

Taking care of leathered granite requires less hassle when compared to other finishes, such as the polished and honed finishes. You will need to clean it often and be careful for any accidental chips that may happen to your leathered granite. Also, cleaning it properly after your activities may sound promising to keep your granite surface clean.

Re-sealing a leathered granite surface may also be needed just like the other finishes. However, in leathered granites, you will need less re-sealing unlike the honed finish.


How to clean it

Cleaning a leathered granite from smudges and/or stains may not be as easy as cleaning the polished tops. In terms of cleaning leathered granite, using only warm water and soap should do the work. Removing crumbs and trapped dusts can be done with hand brooms. With routine cleaning and re-sealing, your steel gray leathered granite countertops can look dazzling for years to come.

That’s a little information you may need to know before having your leathered granite. It indeed continues to rise in terms of popularity, as it looks beautiful and versatile to put whether in kitchen, bathroom, or any outdoor areas. Moreover, this steel gray leathered granite can be used if you desire for an elegant look to your space.

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