Knotty Hickory Cabinets Care and Maintenance Guide for Homeowners

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Knotty Hickory Cabinets Care and Maintenance Guide for Homeowners

Using knotty hickory cabinets is good for any rustic-themed or farmhouse-themed houses. Hickory is the kind of wood you want to use while smoking or grilling but for furniture; they are quite good as well. Maintaining hickory furniture is not that effortless, though. The wood is considered delicate yet beautiful, so taking care of it cannot be taken for granted. Here are some tips for the maintenance.


Do NOT Use Abrasive Scrubber

The surface of knotty hickory cabinets is quite delicate. This is why you cannot just scrub stains and dirt away from it. Using abrasive scrubber will cause the surface to get permanently damaged and thus you won’t be able to get that smooth, velvety surface. Use damp clothes to remove stains and use mild soap to help lifting all stains from the wood.


Never Use the Cross-Grain Sanding

When you have rustic hickory kitchen, most likely you will have hickory cabinet there as well. Kitchen is the place where stains are so common. Residues from cooking and grease will be sticking on the cabinet. However, to remove all stains, do not use cross-grain sanding. It will definitely damage the surface of the cabinet instead of making it clean and smooth.


Avoid Harsh Chemicals

Harsh chemical, including silicone, is not good for hickory wood. It will slowly get absorbed by the wood and it ruins the wood from the inside. If you need to clean or make the hickory furniture, use natural ingredients. Usually, you just need to clean the whole thing with soapy water. To make sure it looks polished, do the cleaning every day.


Do NOT use Polishing Product

Polishing products are most likely to have wax and silicone in it. As stated before, it is not good for the wood. Simply use water mixed with mild soap. The wood is not going to take any risks when they are exposed to chemical. They will break down slowly and this is the situation where you do not wish it to happen.

By taking care of the hickory cabinet with proper attention, you should expect the cabinet lasts for years to come. Remember, hickory is all about its appearance. The grains and the colors are so distinctive. Therefore, you should keep them looking nice. Use those tips above to make sure your knotty hickory cabinets will last for years, if not decades, to come.


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