Jenn Air Electric Downdraft Cooktop with Grill for the Most Complete Electric Cooktop

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Jenn Air electric downdraft cooktop with grill

Jenn Air electric downdraft cooktop with grill is an old model from Jenn-Air, but it’s still one of the most complete electric cooktops in the market! With the famous downdraft ventilation system prominent in many Jenn-Air cooktops, you’ll have an excellent cooking and grilling experience without all the smoke and odors clogging your noses! Accompanied by two coil elements, it offers excellent heating and can accommodate many cooking surfaces for maximum flexibility.

Jenn-Air’s with Downdraft Ventilation System

The main attraction to this cooktop is the Jenn-Air’s patented downdraft ventilation system. It eliminates the bulky hood vents to keep a small and clean look, with the vents sitting subtly at the middle. Although subtle, you might be surprised by how this ventilation performs. It can suck odors, steam, and smoke efficiently before it manages to spread from the cooking surface. This is perfect for indoor grilling especially because the smoke from your grill is sucked in immediately.

Jean-Air 30 inch electric downdraft cooktop is a great example to feature all the great things about Jenn-Air’s electric cooktops. The single coil element grill on this model is very large and ready to grill many things simultaneously. Non-stick grates on the grill ensure that you’ll have easy cleaning experience and it even lets you attach a griddle accessory. Like the two coil elements, the grill has an easy-to-use temperature control system to make sure the most accurate heating output with less effort.

Both coil elements and the grill in Jenn Air electric downdraft cooktop with grill offers 6,9 kW power with 220-240V voltage. This high power is then used efficiently on the coil elements that have excellent and accurate temperature control. While cooking, you can also see indicator lights that let you know the cooking bay that’s currently in use. With the two sides of the coil element surfaces, you can use a wide variety of cookware for maximum cooking flexibility, this model accepts halogen, radiant or coil element cartridges.

The designer line styling fits perfectly in any modern kitchen and the hoodless ventilation system really makes it look slick and clean. Plus due to its modular design, you can change the cooking surface for maximum flexibility. Coming in at the lower end in the mid-range electric cooktops, Jenn-Air managed to compile all their famous technology inside this product with a competitive price tag. Although discontinued, you can find several retailers still selling this product and offer spare parts. If you’re lucky, you can get Jenn Air electric downdraft cooktop with grill for a discounted price!

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  1. I am trying to replace my old Jenn-Air Electric Downdraft Cooktop with Grill. Not able to find it in Honolulu. Can I purchase from Jenn Air Company and have it shipped to me?

  2. We have been looking for a Jennair cooktop with a grill. 30” if you have one please let me know and also the cost.

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