Interior Window Sill Replacement with Instruction to Replace It Properly

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interior window sill replacement

You should know how to apply interior window sill replacement. The window looks damp and water from outside stay in window trim. As the result, there is sharp odor and stains. This situation happens because sill does not work properly. In that case, you need to replace it with the new one as soon as possible.

Window sill

First thing to address is window sill itself. What is this thing? Where do you find it? Window has trim, and sill is located at the bottom part. Keep in mind sill is attached on bottom edge along the way from one side to another. However, you may mistake this part with window stool. In fact, the sill does not have extended layer to put vase or anything. The main purpose is to protect window trim from damp directly. The water or liquid goes off to the both edges of sill itself.

Window sill replacement

Window sill is mostly attached in interior side. It is rare to find from exterior window sill unless it is necessary. Before replacing, you should clean window and entire parts from any stain, dust, and debris. After that, prepare tool and new sill. Firstly, remove window frame carefully. This is tricky part since most people will find hard way to reach window trim edge. Furthermore, you have risk to break the glass. That’s why the process has to be delicate.

After the trim is released, remove sill and attach the new one. Some windows do not need removing trim due to retractable sill. If you have this kind of window, the process to do interior window sill replacement is much easier. The sill is mostly separated part from window and attached after the window is in place. That’s why some new window installation have relatively portable sill.

Maintenance and cost

You already know how to replace window sill, but that’s enough. The most important part is to ensure the sill doesn’t depraved or broken easily. Maintenance takes simple way, such as cleaning and checking whether there is debris attached on sill or not. Besides, avoid window sill from unnecessary action. You may add stool to extend the window function, but the sill has to be in the right place.

Replacing sill will take more effort if the window is old and rusty. In that case, you need to ask professional for he help. Changing the old window into new one seems the best way in the future. Therefore, you can apply interior window sill replacement on your own.

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