Inset Shaker Cabinets Guide to Incorporate Classic Looking Kitchen Cabinetry

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Inset Shaker Cabinets Guide to Incorporate Classic Looking Kitchen Cabinetry

Someone who has at least surface level of knowledge about kitchen cabinets surely has heard about inset shaker cabinets. Inset is only one of options to choose aside from partial overlay or full cabinet doors, amongst the plethora of other available choices in other areas such as the style or color.

Having existed for a while already, it looks like inset-style cabinets experience resurgence in popularity, as it seems to be one of the homeowners’ favorites lately. It is no wonder why, as this specific cabinet design provides a touch of nostalgic feeling, as it is inspired by talented artisans and craftsmen’s works during Victorian and Georgian period. It simply has the heritage and distinctive appearance that can satisfy designers and homeowners whose styles leaning towards the styles.

Inset shaker cabinets kitchen are the type of cabinet that fit and set into the frame, so they flush when closed. As the door is even with the cabinet’s face and the rest of it, you will need to use a knob or door pull to draw the cabinet open. It also offers the options of having exposed or concealed hinges.

Here are some of the pros of using these cabinets:

  • They give clean and minimalistic look
  • They help to mirror the style of Victorian and Georgian period
  • They tend to be generally well-made as they require more skill to build and install

On the opposite side, here are some of the cons:

  • They typically require higher labor cost and installation time
  • They may be hard to use as time passes, especially if you live in area with humid climates, as the drawers and draw may swell and stick to the frame

Inset shaker cabinets allow you to create unique look that suit with the rest of your home decoration. You may opt to personalize the design by using non-beaded or beaded inserts. The beaded inset system involves fitted cabinet door construction, so it oozes high fine craftsmanship. Moreover, it is also possible to choose from an extensive range of extra modifications, which include embellishments, moldings, finish, and color options.

Design is mostly the core of the modern shaker cabinets instead of the wood material used. Almost all types of wood, such as poplar, pine, and oak will make a sufficient material. As it does with other styles, you may find low- and high-quality cabinetry in this style as well. As inset shaker cabinets are expected to handle scratches and bumps, then it is best to invest in well-made units.

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