IKEA Granas Table Size, Materials, Care Instructions and More

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IKEA Granas Table Size, Materials, Care Instructions and More

IKEA Granas table set is always one of the best options from the store when it comes to dining table. As we all know, the Swedish furniture franchise is available all across the world and they have tons of products. This Granas table set is considered as the best one today. You can get full information about the table on the explanation down below:


The Size

The IKEA Granas table size is just perfect for any dining room. The set of furniture consists of one table and four chairs. For the table, the size is around 57 1/2″ (146 cm) on its length and 30 3/4″ (78 cm) on its width. As for the height, it is just around 29 1/2″ (75 cm. The table is not too wide but not too narrow. It will be just fine for family of 3-4 to have dinner.


The Style

The style of Granas table is contemporary and modern. It is completed by bold edges and it has stunning book or magazine holder just below the surface. It will be a nice touch and even an extra storage space for the dining area. The overall look of the table is completed by shining black color, which is probably not too traditional looking.


The Materials

When it comes to the materials of the IKEA Granas table, you do not have to worry about it at all. The leg and frame for the table is made out of high quality steel, mixed by epoxy. It also has polyester powder coating to increase its durability. The table top is made out of a tempered glass which is sturdy, scratch-free, and safer.


The Care Instructions

As the table will be used during meal time, cleaning it up constantly is a must. The metal part of the table can be cleaned using mild cleaner/soap and damp cloth. You can wipe the table top using dry or damp clean cloth every day when meal time is finished. To make sure that the glass table top won’t become stained and cloudy; clean it up using water only or using window cleaner.

Those are what you need to know about the table set. If you have contemporary-styled house and want to make its dining room even more stunning, the furniture piece that you need to purchase is surely this IKEA product. The IKEA Granas table is affordable, stylish and surely easy to assemble by everyone, even the ones with no skill in furniture-assembling.

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