Tips on How to Date Globe Wernicke Bookcase You Have at Home

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How to Date Globe Wernicke Bookcase

When you are wondering about how to date Globe Wernicke bookcase, you must be into antique furniture collecting. Globe Wernicke is indeed one of the most popular brands when it comes to unique, vintage furniture. Actually, this brand is not that old. It was established in the late 19th century, just a couple of years before the Edwardian Era began. What about its bookcase product? Is there any way for you to determine the age of the bookcase? Get the answers down below.


Look at the Type of Wood

The Globe Wernicke Company was established in 1899. Back then, the only “appropriate” type of wood to make furniture was oak. So, if your bookcase looks very old and it is made out of oak wood, it is probably from the early days of the company’s production. After 1930s, the materials for the furniture expanded as rosewood, mahogany and other types of wood started to be used. That is basically the easiest way on how to date Globe Wernicke bookcase.


Look at the Style of the Bookcase

In the early Edwardian Era, bookcase is usually completed by glass door. So if your bookcase has glass display, it is probably from 1899 to 1920s. As after 1929, the style of the book started to change into art deco. The bookcase produced after that period no longer has glass door display and has more unique shapes on the frame and shelves. If you bookcase is more like this one, it was probably produced in at least 1930.


Look at the Furniture Tags

To make sure that you can tell the age of the bookcase, one of the Globe Wernicke bookcase parts that you have to look at is its tag. There should be furniture tag or product tag on the bookcase. It should be found on the back of the furniture. The old products of Globe Wernicke use old-fashioned looking tags, with handwritten-like writings on it. The more modern ones, like the one produced after the 1960s uses colored logo for the tags.

By following the information up there, you will be able to tell or at least estimate the age of the bookshelf that you have at home. If the Globe Wernicke bookshelf you have at home is pretty old and antique, makes sure that you give the proper maintenance so that it will last even longer. Considering that you know exactly how to date Globe Wernicke bookcase, start examining your bookcase at home now.

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  1. On my antique Globe/Werniche Sectional bookcase tag it says: Made in Cincinnati, Ohio, Standard D – 10, Quarter Unit, Pattern: 110-, Grade: 299. Can you tell me approximately how old this case is? Thank you for your help. Mike Placek

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