Heuchera Caramel Growing Guide to Create Appealing Gardening Landscape

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Heuchera Caramel Growing Guide to Create Appealing Gardening Landscape

Heuchera Caramel is a variety of clump-like and vigorous coral bells. It has unique features such as light pink flowers and apricot colored leafage. Due to its densely robust and vigor growing habit, it is amongst popular selection for garden vegetations.

In the early summer, the light pink and tiny Heuchera Caramel flowers bloom through the slender stems that arises over the leaves mound and can grow up to 18-inch. These leaves are round and lobed, forming a mound of basal that can reach 8-inch tall and 20-inch wide. They appear in grayish red color in the spring and will mature into the caramel or apricot with shades of yellow or golden green in the summer. These colors depend on the temperature and light levels. Compared to its sibling Amber Waves, it has brighter complex and incredible compact habit.

Before you decide to cultivate Heuchera Caramel, you may want to know several key details about it on the following so the plant can grow as best as it can:

  1. Implantation: it prefers well-drained, moist and fertile soil under partial shade or full sun. it tolerates shady circumstance better if the soil is moist. Regular mulch every year may needed to prevent its rhizomes to arise above surface. To make sure the crown is not buried, dividing the figure once every several years is necessary.
  2. Propagation: regular division method is preferable to propagate this plant. In sprint growth phase, lift the plant, cut small healthy sections from edge part. Make sure it has 2-3 shoots ad vigorous roots.
  3. Preferable landscaping types and locations: container plants for urban patio or informal garden, as ground cover for roses and shrubs alike, slopes garden, flower banks, flower bed, border plants.
  4. Care: including pruning in the early spring to tidy up the matured leaves and get rid of deadhead after flowering, and precautions against pests and disease such as bud eelworm, vine weevil, or heuchera rust.

As the general characteristic of Heuchera, this variety is easy to grow and suit well in container, garden, or any border. The color pops out the best when it grows under partial shades. If you grow them under full shade, the growth rate will be noticeably slower. Under full sun with consistent moist, the color intensity tends to fade. Prior to planting Heuchera Caramel, ensure that the soil is improved with nutritious organic matters, has neutral pH and good drainage.

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