HEB Carpet Cleaner Rental as Easy, Fast, and Reliable Rental Solution for Your Carpet

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HEB Carpet Cleaner Rental as Easy, Fast, and Reliable Rental Solution for Your Carpet

HEB carpet cleaner rental specializes in cleaners for carpets. Besides, this service can also be used to clean rugs, upholstery, and even dryer vents. If you have stubborn stain that’s very difficult to remove, you might want to consider borrowing carpet cleaner machine from HEB. In addition, these cleaners can also remove the unpleasant odors and deep down dirt. This, of course, will make your carpet cleaning job easier. So, are you interested in renting one? If you are still in doubt, below are three reasons why you should choose HEB as your rental partner.


Reliable Cleaner Performance

This cleaner service is well known for its quality. Here, you can choose one of the two cleaners on offer. They are Bissell’s Big Green Carpet Cleaners and Little Green Pro Portable Carpet Cleaners. The Bissell’s Big Green is used for a wider carpet cleaning job to shorten your cleaning time. Meanwhile, the small one is usually used for room carpets, rugs, or upholstery. The performance of these two cleaners is unquestionable. HEB even made a video comparison of its cleaners versus the other cleaners in order to make you sure the cleaners rented by HEB are really top-notch.


Affordable Rent

Well, you don’t need to worry of the rental fees. The HEB carpet cleaner rental fees, according to the testimony of customers, are quite affordable. The rental fees charged for hiring the large cleaner are $30 for 24 hours, and $40 for 48 hours. While for the small one, it is $15 for 24 hours and $20 for 48 hours. These are affordable, right?


Easy Way to Rent

Rental businesses often have complicated procedures that make the customers think twice about making transactions. However, it does not happen with HEB. You will be presented with a simple standard rental method. You just need to download and fill out the agreement form, and then take it to the nearest office for the next easy transaction steps. If you don’t have time to do it, the staffs there will be there to help you about filling out the forms. After that, you can immediately choose a cleaner and then pay the rent up front. Do not forget to return the cleaner you rented to HEB carpet cleaner rental after the rental period is up because there is a late fee you should pay if you don’t return it on time.

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