Granby Hammered Barrel Coffee Table with Contemporary Design for Modern House

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Unique Design and Color of Granby Hammered Barrel Coffee Table 2

If you want to bring a touch of contemporary furnishing for your modern designed house, then incorporating Granby hammered barrel coffee table might be an ideal choice. This coffee table is made with round shape, shiny and beautiful texture, and hammered brassy surface finishing, which exude elegance on itself and bring the luxury feeling to the room.

The unique shape of this coffee table would make the room looks very distinctive. Hammered barrel table could be considered as the peak of modernist design that got popular to use inside homes. It could work both as functional and decoration piece of furniture. Aside from providing you a decent space to serve the drinks for your guests, it could also present as the stylish decorative accent as the focal point of the room to accompany your sofa. Here are several benefits you may get from getting the barrel shaped table:

Unique Design and Color of Granby Hammered Barrel Coffee Table 1

  • It is safer to put on your living room if you have kids or pets, compared to square table with sharp edges. You can prevent them from bumping into the furnishing which could result in hurt or injury.
  • The curve shape creates illusion that the space is larger than it actually is. As the round curves make interesting elements to the room, it is ideal to use as a gathering point.
  • The shape of the table also contrasts with the rest of the interior furniture which often made in square or rectangular, so the room can look softer. It just works well with loveseat sofa combos or L-shaped sofa. The round shape also creates more distance with rectangular sofa.

The versatile aspect of curve-edged Granby hammered barrel coffee table would allow you to provides comfort for any family member, whether it is used for your kids’ activities such as drawing or eating, for showcasing your spouse’s favorite novels, and many others.

Unique Design and Color of Granby Hammered Barrel Coffee Table 3

There are several finishing color choices of hammered barrel table that you can choose. The Gold Granby Hammered Barrel Coffee Table especially looks so polished and giving the room a high-end vibe. Another benefit you would get from getting this barrel-shaped table is that it’s so durable and only require low maintenance despite the appearance. This contemporary styled furniture is designed to look classy and timeless too. Granby hammered barrel coffee table is specifically shaped as sculpted to mimic neat design of drum, with hand-crafted built, smooth surface, and beautiful looks.

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