Giacometti Coffee Table: An Ageless Furniture to Enhance Your Living Room

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Giacometti Coffee Table

Vintage furniture enthusiasts must have heard of a Giacometti coffee table. His unique design never fails to bring a personal touch to the furniture. You can easily improve your living room ambiance when you have one. Their elegance is unmatched and you will certainly be the talk among your friends.


Why Giacometti Coffee Table is Special

This coffee table may be minimalist with some traditional flair. It’s also unique and highly valuable among other furniture. His design, as you can see, is far ahead of his time. It is perfect for a traditional interior design, but you also can put the coffee table in an industrial room. His furniture usually has marble as the inset top. But, you also can find some of his tables with a glass top. Essentially, Giacometti sets a style that reflects his persona and suits him.


Key Points on A Giacometti Furniture

As you look into the catalog and seek a Giacometti, you will see that his works will stand out effortlessly among the rest. No need to be confused, here are why they catch your attention instantaneously.


·   Distinct and Unique Style

Calling a Giacometti work simply an art deco coffee table based on his work timeline is an understatement. They look simple enough at a glance, but upon closer look, you will see the intricate details. His furniture always features his distinctive style of adding animals and plants to his designs. Giacometti was also responsible for traditional furniture style with thin and delicate metalwork. At that time, most of the metal furniture were either heavy or rough.

You can find quiet elegance in Giacometti furniture. Their beauty looks delicate in an almost ethereal way. And that is one thing that many designers aim to recreate today.


·  High Quality

Technically speaking, Giacometti’s furniture counts as vintage or even a historical piece. You need to employ a professional to restore the furniture to its best condition. Of course, they don’t come cheap. But when you think about it, furniture by Giacometti has withstood the test of time. Remember that his earliest creation was almost a hundred years old.


Who is Diego Giacometti?

Mostly known as the model for his sculptor brother, Alberto Giacometti, Diego was also a painter and sculptor, but he was known more for his furniture designs. Diego always inscribed his name and put his insignia in all of his works to ensure his clients that they are getting the original product.

Born in 1902, Diego’s works were largely inspired by the current trend at that time. After his brother passed away, Diego continued creating exclusive furniture for some prominent names such as the Picasso Museum, the Marc-Chagall Museum, and the Macght Foundation until he died in 1985.

In case you can’t find an original Giacometti Coffee Table or the price is way out of your budget, you can look for Giacometti-inspired furniture instead. And if you’re lucky, you can always find a vintage piece in good quality that closely resembles the original Giacometti.


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