Floratam Grass and Some Basic Knowledge about the Grass

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Floratam Grass

There are many kinds of grass to choose and floratam grass is one of them. It is a popular grass to choose. This is good lawn and there are many places that use the lawn. Surely, it is good to know more about the grass, especially when you are planning to have lawn.

What is Floratam St. Augustine grass lawn?

When talking about floratam St Agustine grass, it is important to see the origin of the grass. Basically, there is only St. Agustine grass. Then, a hybrid version is developed from this grass and that is how now people can see the floratam lawn. The grass cultivar itself was researched and grown by the University of Florida. The campus worked together with the Texas A&M.

The grass is basically categorized as the grass that grows in the warm season. That is why it gets its optimal growth during the summer, and then it will be in dormant state during the winter. This kind of characteristic also shows that it will be more suitable for the area with warm weather, so the grass can always in good condition.

Reasons of Why Pick Floratam St. Augustine Grass for the lawn

After knowing basic information about the floratam grass, then it will be nice to get some reasons of choosing this grass for lawn. Of course, there are some reasons causing it as the popular options of lawn in various places. In case you are interested to this type of grass, it will be necessary to know the points.

  1. The density
    Density becomes important point to consider. This can determine where you are going to use the grass. In this case, the floratam lawn is categorized as one of the coarse grass. It gets thick blades of grass, yet it gets less blades. That is why it may not be perfect option of the area that needs high level of density, but it is comfortable for common uses, especially for its thickness of blades.
  2. Great resistance against insect and disease
    It is not only pets that get some diseases. Grass can also have some problems with diseases. There is also insect resistance to consider in choosing the grass. In this case, the floratam grass is the good option since it has good resistance against the insect, bugs, and disease. Even, when it is compared to the St. Augustine varieties, this is considered as the best in term of those resistances.
  3. Cold tolerance
    Naturally, the St. Augustine lawn is type of grass for warm weather. However, the floratam is already modified, so it will not be easily dormant during the winter. The grass has better tolerance in dealing with cold weather.

These are some main reasons of choosing the grass. Basically, it is like the improved version of the St. Augustine grass. There are some great factors and reasons of using the grass in some area of house or other properties.


The Steps of How to Plant Floratam Grass

When it talks about the floratam grass, surely it is important to discuss about the steps to plant the grass. Although you may not be the one to plant the whole lawn by yourself, it is still important to know the whole steps. This can give you good reference and knowledge.

For the first part, it is important to clean the area where you are going to plant and grow the grass. The rocks and debris must be cleaned since the grass needs softer soil to grow. Removing them will also help in the process of making the rows and planting the lawn.

Once the soil is fully cleaned from the rocks, it is time to make the row. The row is dig on the ground with depth of 2 inches as the place to grow the grass. The rows can be dig by using hoe. It is also important to check the space between each row.

After that, it is time to plant the floratam grass. This is easy to do since there are already some rows. The sprigs and plugs can be separated to get things easier. Of course, it is always important to see the spacing since the grass needs space to grow.

Then, the grass blades can be covered with soil. At least, one-third of the floratam blades must be covered by the soil. It will also be necessary since it is to make sure that the root is covered, so the growth can be more effective.

Then, fertilizer is needed. In its first week, it is very necessary to water the grass. At least, they have to get water regularly for around 10 minutes. This early floratam grass treatment will make sure that the grass can grow in good density.

The Useful Floratam Grass Care Tips

After knowing those points, it is also important to know how to take care of the grass. Planting is done, and it is time to know the maintenance. Without good maintenance, the grass cannot grow perfectly and it will make you disappointed. In this case, these are some of the tips.

  1. Watering the grass
    For the watering, it must get proper water although it is grass for the hot weather. At least, it must be watered for around twice a day. Under certain extreme condition, the intensity can be added, especially when the blades are easily wilted. Then, in watering the grass, the blades and other parts must be soaked in water that is why it is needs long duration to make sure that the grass gets enough portion of water.
  2. Fertilizing the grass
    For the fertilizer, it needs water-soluble types of fertilizer. It can be spread easily and it can also give good coverage in case the lawn is large.

For the frequency, the fertilizer can be given once in a month. This is for the initial three months. After that, the fertilizer can be given for every 40 days. These will be enough to keep the grass fertilized.

Those are some information about the floratam lawn. These surely give you many insights and reference. There are also some points of reasons and tips of maintenance. By knowing these points, there will no doubt to choose the floratam grass.

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