Five Common Fire Pit Mistakes That You Should Know

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Five Common Fire Pit Mistakes That You Should Know

There are five common fire pit mistakes that people inadvertently make. Rest assured, these mistakes are easy to avoid when you pay close attention to the safety elements. Having a good knowledge of nature also can help you to prepare the fire pit and have the best outdoor experience.

Five Common Fire Pit Mistakes

When it comes to fire pits, mistakes can happen anytime. The more important question is how you are going to handle it. And even better, how you can prevent it from happening. Here are five common mistakes that you can easily avoid.


1.     Not Having the Right Size

Surprisingly, most people don’t know the right size for a fire pit. They either create a pit that is too small or too large for their purpose. Most often, they create a larger fire pit, thinking that it should accommodate everyone. However, you only need a pit that is between 36-44 inches wide and 12-14 inches high. It is the measurement of an ideal pit size since it’s neither too tall, low, small, or big, per EPA guidelines.


2.     Not Considering Placement

Placement is one of the keys to having a working and safe fire pit. You should never build a pit on uneven ground or a slope. Always look for flat land where you can level it. Don’t forget to clear out the surrounding area for grass and other things that may catch fire. Then dig some of the soil to have an 8-inch deep hole for the fire.


3.     Ignoring Safety

Safety is one crucial thing that you shouldn’t miss. However, many still fail to do so. Even when you have created the safest fire pit, you should still pay heed to the safety precautions such as not using the pit to burn trash, don’t leave it unattended, and always having a lid ready to protect you from the sparks.


4.     Using the Wrong Fuels

It’s a common misconception that people think they can use any fuel for the pit. But having the right fuel can enhance your experience. For example, when you plan to only use the pit for heating, you should look for a fuel that can emit warmth for a long time. You also should look for fuel that doesn’t emit smoke or spark to further improve the experience.


5.     Ignoring the Weather Forecast

Weather can be a whimsical creature. However, when you hear that it will be a windy day with some drizzle, having an outdoor pit is a foolish thing to do. Winds can be as dangerous as fire since they can spread sparks easily. Always remember that your safety is important and your friends will understand when you postpone the fireside party due to the weather.

Knowing these fire pit mistakes should help you prepare for a safe and best experience with the pit. You can take some classes on safety and even first aid to prepare for anything that can happen. At any rate, don’t forget that having fun needs to be safe as well.


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