Fire Pit for Trex Deck: Safety Precautions to Follow to Prevent Unwanted Damage

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Fire Pit for Trex Deck

Interested in adding fire pit for Trex deck but worry about the potential risk of getting your property burn? It’s a common concern for homeowners with such interest, including other prospective damage like warping material or cosmetic impairment. After all, composite deck—regardless of the manufacturing company—is a huge investment. It makes sense that you want to understand comprehensively about the future risk and maintenance details.

Trex decks are manufactured by Trex, a manufacturing company that provides one of the most extensive options of exterior composite products and lumbers. It is also known offer some of the most affordable selections as well. Their composite decks are made of wood and reclaimed plastic materials, producing tongue-and-groove and solid planks. There are three different thickness levels available and they also accommodate customized decking features.

So, can you put a fire pit on Trex? By following the proper safety pre-cautions, it is not impossible to use a fire pit for Trex deck safely, regardless if you choose composite or wood ones. However, there is a couple of things worth to take a note of, as laid off below.

First is the consideration that placing fire put directly on a composite or wooden deck possesses a potentially costly problems that range from appearance damage, weakened or destructed deck and its foundation structure, to a rampant fire damage. According to Trex itself, their decking will soften at least at 176ºF.

Fire Pit for Trex Deck

To prevent the risk of fire disaster and other damages, you can opt for specialized mats to be placed underneath the fire pit, which has benefits of resisting extreme high temperatures of a pit. It can even be installed as a DIY project, simply by arranging the mat in the area of fire pit. Take further caution when installing it on a composite deck as there’s a higher risk of scratching its surface.

Beyond taking measures to avoid the prospective damage, the number one rule you should take into consideration is to never leave the fire pit unattended. Even after taking all the safety precautions out there, there are factors that can’t be controlled such as sudden changing winds that create unexpected sparks.

Always ensure that you locate a fire extinguisher and a source of water within close proximity, which has to be known by the guests as well. This is already a fixed deal at most households with decking, but if yours doesn’t come with it, simply keep a covered pitcher, tub, or water close to the fire pit for Trex deck.

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