Find Out Average Dimensions of a Coffee Table for Your Cozy Living Room

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Find Out Average Dimensions of a Coffee Table for Your Cozy Living Room

There are options for average dimensions of coffee table that homeowners should take into consideration seriously. The wrong size of a coffee table can deliver a terrible view of the room. It is true that a coffee table has to look beautiful though it should be functional and enhance the room’s space.

How You Can Figure Out The Average Dimensions Of Coffee Table

Find Out Average Dimensions of a Coffee Table for Your Cozy Living Room

Dimensions of a coffee table include height and width. But, the space between the coffee table and the sofa should be right. Follow these tips if you want to get the right size of a coffee table in your living room.


1.     Height

The height of a coffee table shouldn’t be higher than 2 inches of sofa cushions. But, it is also good to have a coffee table with a similar height as the sofa. However, many homeowners believe that a coffee table looks more elegant when the height is lower than the sofa. Yet, others may find it less handy.

2.     Width

Choosing a coffee table that suits the room space and sofa measurement can be somewhat daunting. The width of a coffee table contributes to the overall look of the room space. Many experts suggest that the width of a coffee table should be approximately two-thirds of the sofa’s length.

The bigger width of a coffee table is considered more charming, according to experts. Lots of homeowners opt for a smaller coffee table that ends up useless. It is recommended to buy a bigger one for the sake of functionality and aesthetic.

3.     Shape

There are actually two kinds of shapes for a coffee table; round and rectangle. A round coffee table is always adorable. But sometimes, it is somewhat challenging for guests to grab a cup or a jar of snacks. The solution is choosing a round coffee table with a 14 to 16 inches diameter.

A rectangular coffee table is also nice though homeowners should consider the safety aspect. If there are kids at home, a rectangular coffee table with rounded corners should be the main option. Pay attention to the size of the table to create a spacious room look. The best dimension ranges from 47 inch-long and 27 inch wide.

4.     Distance

The distance of a coffee table also determines the room’s beauty. The space between the sofa and the coffee table should be at least 15 inches. Reaching things on the table is easier, and it is also comfortable to walk between the table and the sofa.

However, the space between a coffee table and a lounge chair can be at least 12 inches. It is easier to grab a remote control, book, and other things. When the space is less than 12 inches, there are risks of spilling coffee or dropping things.

Purchasing The Right Size of The Coffee Table

Besides learning about the average dimensions of a coffee table, you should also consider its function in your living room. The improper size of a coffee table can bring a major impact on the overall room layout. Find a coffee table with storage when you have a smaller room.

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