Fake Quartz Countertops and the Interesting Facts You Don’t Know

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Fake Quartz Countertops and the Interesting Facts You Don’t Know

The fake quartz countertops are not usually made out of natural quartz (one of the heaviest minerals on earth). The colors are also interesting, and you can choose whatever color that you like. Besides these reasons, there are the important and interesting facts about this countertop that you may not know yet. Check the explanation below.


It is the Eco-Friendly Countertop

First, the fake quartz looks like natural stone, and it is definitely environment-friendly. It is made of the waste product of any manufacturing process. In fact, it is not made of actual natural stone, but the stone-like materials.


It Has Different Market with Granite

For all these years, granite has always been compared with quartz. Fake quartz actually looks like natural stone that’s a great competitor of granite. However nowadays, people tend to choose countertop that has a different style and does not look like just any natural stone. It brings the sense of unique.


Fake Quartz Countertop Isn’t Made of Solid Quartz

Most likely, most of fake quartz countertops are not made of solid quartz. They come from 90% of recycled wastes, such as glass, ceramic, mirrors, silica, and 10% of polymeric that has the stone looks.


Quartz Can Be Found Anywhere Around Us

You have met the quartz more often than you think. Most of us would think quartz will be only found out in the bathroom or kitchen. However, the fact is you can also find it in the airport floors, shopping mall’s walls, or even in the hotel walls.


The Granite Prices is Decreased because of Fake Quartz

Yes, just like what has been stated on point number 2, this material has been always competing with granite. Over the years, there are more and more people who are looking for the quartz instead of granite. This situation makes the expected conclusion: the granite price is getting lower and lower because of its low demand. Therefore, this might be a piece of good news for you if you currently want to have granite countertops.

For your information, the real quartz does not have pores, so it is automatically resistant to the stains and bacteria. The look is also aesthetic. If you are now renovating your house, make sure to do some researches first, especially if it is about using the fake quartz countertops before starting to make some purchases about the materials that you want.

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