Exterior Window Sill Material Options with Some Considerations of Durability

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exterior window sill

When you have windows, you should consider exterior window sill material. Window sill already becomes common parts of windows. Usually, windows are already in the same package with its sills. However, it does not mean you can also have separated options of window sills. Although it may be part of the window frame, it is still possible to get the options of sill material. Moreover, it is for the exterior sills. There should be good consideration to get best and durable material.

There are some options of material. Each of them has different benefits and weakness. These should be considered well since it will also deal with the price and quality. In case you need references regarding the exterior window sill material options, these are some basic information to know.

Stone window sill

For the first option, you can have stone material. In this case, the material is divided into various types of stone. There are marble sill, granite sill, and also limestone sill. There are also other options of stone for the sills. Stone is known as one of the best material for sill. Since it is for exterior part, it should have great resistance against the moisture, temperature, sunlight, and other weather conditions. Of course, this can deal with these problems well and that is why material offers great durability.

Tile window sill

The second option of exterior window sill material is the tile. Tile itself can be made from glass. There are also ceramic sills to find. In term of quality and durability, this can be alternative of stone sill since its quality is almost similar and it has lower price compared to the stone sill. Moreover, it is also easy to clean due to its tile surface.

Vinyl window sill

There is also vinyl. In term of material, it is quite new compared to the tiles and stones. This also has high durability, especially when it has to deal with water. However, it is less popular compared to the tile and stone sills due to its design for the whole exterior.

Those are some material options for the exterior window sills. Well, choosing it is quite tricky since the material should have high protection and durability against the weather conditions. That’s why wooden material is not included, although this is also one of exterior sill material. Windows can be easily damaged even when it is already protected by paints. Of course, knowing these options of exterior window sill material can give good references in choosing the best one.


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