Exigrow as Liquid Soil Softener for Soil Fertilizing and Plant Growth

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Your soil may have hardened mineral, and Exigrow is the answer to soften it. This product is liquid form, which means you need aerial sprinkler to spread directly on soil. The compound consists of natural acid and mineral that’s capable to soften soil, so the plants can grow normally. To know more about this product, you can read the below list for further explanation.

The main capability

At first, you must know the capability of this product. Soil softener seems slightly vague term to common people. If you are not into gardening, this term sounds similar to fertilizer. In fact, the capability is equal as fertilizer, but with different compound and purpose. Soil and water are the keys to ensure the plant grow well. Unfortunately, certain areas do not have proper soil and water for their plants. Your garden or backyard may contain clay. In that case, you need to soften this clay with Exigrow.


Adding the Exigrow into soil

Manufacturer provides instruction related to proportion, measurement, and application of this product. You should read carefully before using it into soil. In general, sprayer or sprinkler is necessary when spreading this product directly. You can dissolve it into water and slowly spread equally. The soil will absorb, and the compound inside this product works immediately. If the soil is very hard, you can add more liquid and spray often daily. The process consists of two sessions: preliminary before the plant is ready, and after the plant is already in soil. Make sure you do not put it excessively. After watering, the soil will turn into neutral level.


The safety measure

For your information, the Exigrow ingredient uses natural compound. The manufacturer selects the best compounds after the long research and development. Besides, safety matter is what you do not need to worry about when adding this compound. The product is safe for long period utilization. It is also capable to enhance soil when excess mineral and water change the soil texture or level. That’s why you can use this product for better plant growth in the future.

In fact, soil is necessary to be in good condition if you want the excellent growth for the plants. Some areas have more mineral that’s solid and hard to break into simple compound. As the result, plants or grass cannot grow. For the solution, you can rely on the Exigrow.

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