Dog Swollen Eye Home Treatment for Early Stages Infection or Injury

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dog swollen eye home treatment

Several methods are available for dog swollen eye home treatment in early stages infection. Swollen eye in animal is the issue that might turn into big problem. It has several causes, but complicated case requires professional help. As early stage, you can do preliminary treatment in order to isolate swelling area. Swollen might be at eyes or eyelid that both have different approach.

The pets like dog and cat are similar to human in term of morphology. Their eyes are sensitive to sharp light, dust and dirt, strong wind, scratch, liquid and water, even temperature level. The most common situation is eye scratching using their paws. It happens because something is in their eyes that lead to itching condition. As response, dog will do scratching directly although animal has sense and instinct for safety. Other causes are fighting, infection, chemical, and other substances. Fighting is common in animal, even dog has aggressive character.

How do you apply dog swollen eye home treatment? After you know the cause of this situation, there are several actions as preliminary treatment. Keep in mind this article assumes you are not veterinarian who has trained in pet and animal procedure.


Keep swollen intake and cleaning eyelid

First thing to do is to avoid spreading because of severe eye condition. If the eyes are contacted to chemical or debris, use clean and warm clothes to ease he pain immediately. You might add warm water to soothe the eye, but cold one for scratching and fighting issue. Blow the smooth air directly to eyes on order to get rid of any debris or dust. Wash with clean water if the eyes still feel uneasy. Cleaning is important because you need to make sure there is no further infection or swollen before putting bandage.



As usual, bandage is the key to treat dog swollen around eye or any injury. One reason why dog uses paw to touch the eyes is open condition. Bandage protects the eyes from direct scratching or contact. After cleaning is done, keep the eyes in dry condition. Apply bandage in two layers, soft and hard one.

Sometimes, simple treatment with bandage and first aid medicine is enough. Both are useful for small scratching or debris penetration. On contrary, you might need professional help from veterinary attention if that’s not something you can handle. In that case, dog swollen eye home treatment is still helpful enough as preliminary treatment.

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