Dinette Chairs with Casters: Is It Possible to Make It Yourself?

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Dinette Chairs with Casters

Have you ever found dinette chairs with casters? Turns out dining chairs with casters are quite frequent to find. This makes not only office chairs that own such special casters! That said, you can slide back and forth funnily while having your meal. But hey, it’s not recommended, though (it’s not a polite thing, after all).

If you plan to make your chairs completed with casters, you can either make your way to a furniture stores, or create a customized chair. The latter will sure take your time, but the after-effect is great enough: the satisfactory of customizing your stuff isn’t comparable.

In this article, let’s learn how to add casters to your dining chairs. So, what materials you might need to add casters to your favorite dining chairs? You will need:

  • The casters itself (you can choose any casters, but be reminded that you will add a certain height to your chair by attaching them). Make sure your dining chairs legs are compatible enough (wide and strong enough) to back up 1.5” deep hole for the casters’ sleeves and posts.
  • Masking tape
  • Drill with 3/8” bit
  • Hammer

How to do it:

  1. In order to make dinette chairs with casters, first turn your chair upside down. For this article, we’ll use wooden chairs with four legs.
  2. Clean the legs base from any debris.
  3. Mark the drill using the masking tape. Place the masking tape around 1.5” from the tip.
  4. Then, make a hole in each leg using the drill.
  5. Now, move on to the casters. Detach the sleeves from the posts.
  6. Hammer down the sleeves onto each leg. These sleeves will make sure the posts and casters will be attached securely.
  7. Then, insert the casters into each sleeve and ensure the casters click with the sleeve. That way, it’ll make you sure that the casters will not fall out.
  8. If required, you may also add protection to the casters by adding epoxy to the hole.
  9. Now that you’ve completed attaching the casters, put your chair back into place and try sliding it with and without weight.

So those are how to add casters to your dinette chairs. If you think such DIY project is a hassle, consider purchasing new chairs with casters or a more upgraded version of it: dinette chairs with casters and arms. But purchasing it from a store takes more from your wallet for sure. So, that’s why it’s better to just make dinette chairs with casters yourself.

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