Dethatching Blade Complete Guides to Get Beautiful Lawn with Healthy Grass

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Dethatching blade

Dethatching blade is the essential part of the dethatchers. Dethatcher is the mechanical tools used to tatch the lawn, which refers to dead grass, layer of bulb, moss and overgrown roots that cause the healthy grass to be wither and thinning if not treated regularly. By dethatching, you will be able to improve the health of grass in lawn because the water infiltration and air would be flowing in.

There are three common types of blade for the dethatching rakes. The first one is the rotary blade, the second one is fixed knife-life blades, and the third type is the flat steel blade. The rotary blade, also known as flail blade, is more common to be found than the other types. Dethatching blade for power rake mower is different because it usually has holes and adapters. The blade comes in set when you are buying the detatcher, but you can also buy separate one.

The reason why flail blade so popular, is because it is able to remove heavy thatch on many types of grasses and restore the grasses to good health. It also makes the grass more resist to drought and frost. The flat steel blade type is more fitted for delicate grass. It is best to use flat steel type on an already established lawn, where you do not need complete restoration or renovation. It doesn’t penetrate as far as the grass root, so the existing root of your lawn will not be tear or damaged.

It is important to ask about how deep and far apart the blades need to be set when you purchase or rent a dethatcher. You can also ask agricultural extension service if you do not get fixed and satisfying answer yet. Those settings of dethatching blade can differ according to the types of grass that you attempt to grow. In general, blades should be 2.5 to 5 cm or 1 to 2 inch apart for tougher type of grass, and 7.6 cm or 3 inch apart for softer and more delicate grass.

By dethatching your lawn regularly, you will be able to maintain the health of grass because the essential nutrients, water, and air would be boosted. It leads to stronger grass and high resistant to various types of disease. Dethatching also helps to remove lawn areas that are affected by harbor pest and other negative circumstances. The lawn will need to be watered in less frequency and duration since the thatch that wastes lots of water by taking it up is gone. Just make sure to maximize the performance of your dethatcher by replacing dethatching blade if needed.

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