Derksen Buildings 16×50 as the Great Choice for Your New Vacation Home

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Derksen Buildings 16x50 as the Great Choice for Your New Vacation Home

Derksen buildings 16×50 are the portable cabin that can be customized according to your preferences. Well, 16×50 finished cabin has a 9 lite door, 2×3 standard windows and a four feet deep wooden terrace. This one will be a great choice for you if you need a new vacation home for a weekend escape. You can also turn this cabin into an art studio, an office, a garage, or storage depending on your needs. There are many reasons why it will be the perfect choice if you need a new cabin for your needs, as depicted below.



You can customize the derksen buildings 16×50 to your liking. The cabin features that can be customized are the number and types of windows, the types of roof and siding, AC Frame-Out, terrace upgrades, and the addition of felt paper on the roof. You can also upgrade the electrical packages on this cabin, such as outlets and lights. Moreover, you will have an option to use the spray foam insulation feature. The spray foam is made of high quality material. It will be sprayed on the walls and ceiling to keep the building warm in winter, and cool in summer.


Guaranteed quality

The cabin has been guaranteed to be free from defects in workmanship and materials for a period of five years. All the materials used to build this cabin have manufacturer warranty against termites, fungal decay, defects, and delamination. The cabin is built of high quality materials by professional workers, so you don’t have to worry about this cabin being unsatisfactory.


Great price

You can buy or rent to own this cabin with no credit check, so it will become more affordable. The roof and siding options for the building will be offered with the same price, so it can save much more money compared to other portable building manufacturers. You will also get a free building delivery if you wish to purchase a cabin and place it on a site within 50 miles of the dealership.

Outstanding services

The customized building will take 2-3 weeks to be delivered. The feature installations and customization of the cabin will be carried out by professionals who are experts in feature installation and cabin customization. If you want to file a complaint about derksen buildings 16×50, just simply contact the customer service. It will help providing the solutions for your complaints.


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