Deck Mount Tub Faucet with Sprayer in Vintage and Traditional Design

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Deck Mount Tub Faucet

In case you are looking for new faucet, deck mount tub faucet with sprayer can be the great reference. Faucet is important part in your house. It will be found in your sink and other area at home. Although it may look simple, it will be big troubles when the faucet is broken. That’s why it is important to check your faucet.

Well, when you need the faucet with sprayer for your bathtub, this product is good option for you. It is not just good in term its function. Moreover, it gives you great built quality. The design is also nice to make your bathroom classier. Surely, there are some interesting points offered by the deck mount bathtub faucet with sprayer.

Material and built quality

In term of material, you will get the best material that will provide high durability. You can use the faucet easily and it will not easily get broken even if you use the faucet aggressively. It is made of metal, so it is sturdy. Then, it has polished chrome. It will make sure the rusts will not become big problem. In case it is dirty due to some stains, it can be wiped easily.


For the design, it offers vintage look. Its polished chrome is not only for the sake of built quality and durability. It also makes the faucet look attractive. The vintage look and chrome provide great combination of luxury touches for bathroom. The design and color of deck mount tub faucet with sprayer will blend well in bathroom decor, even when you are choosing domination of black there.

Then, the hand shower is another interesting point for its design. It has the design of traditional telephone. It suits well in your hand and it is equipped with different tone of material for the handling of shower to show the character of traditional phone. Surely, it looks great.


The function is actually to give easy access in your bathtub. Then, it has two parts for the access of water. There is faucet and hand shower. You can easily set the hot or cold water, and there is knob to set the temperature as well as the type of water. If you want to use hand shower, there is also unique form of handle to switch.

Those are some great things offered by the faucet. It brings you both design and function. The vintage and traditional look will be good part of your bathroom. Then, there is also good durability offered by the deck mount tub faucet with sprayer.

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