CPAP Nightstand Details for Sleep Apnea Patients and the Furniture Models

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CPAP Nightstand

CPAP Nightstand is a piece of furniture that created and designed particularly for an individual with sleep apnea to keep and reach their CPAP device safely and quickly. It is important for sleep apnea sufferers to own one. Some are designed to resemble tall cabinet with drawers; some are designed significantly smaller than that in terms of size, depending on the needs and demands of the individual. It is also possible to attach and integrate the furniture to the already existed one, if the compatibility fits.

Just like regular nightstands, there are many designs available for CPAP Nightstand, so you do not have to worry about purchasing a dull and plain one. Some furniture manufacturing companies even go far by allowing the customers to get a personally customizable. That means you will be able to add your personal touch as you did with your other pieces of furniture.

The personal additions of CPAP Nightstand come in anything that can increase the easiness of access and to add extra storage. For example, a slide tray that allows the device to reach your bed, that way you can have easy access to fill the water reservoir. Another example is the detachable tray that can be attached with certain mattress models. For the left handed apnea sufferers, the furniture manufacturers can make fitting adjustment to match the customers according to their circumstances. Some of the models of the CPAP nightstand are:


Dakota Heritage CPAP Nightstand

This model comes in 24 x 31 x 16 inch dimensions. It has two doors for pull out drawers. Built with the engineered wood material and knotty pine finishing, it is also available with other matching looking other pieces furniture such as dresser, mirror, headboard, and footboard.  The storage is pretty big and easy to access. There are also back and side open cutouts for cords and hoses.


Perdue Woodworks CPAP Nightstand

This nightstand is slightly bigger than the prior model with 29.75 x 23.75 x 15.75 dimensions. It is relatively more affordable than other models of CPAP nightstand. Using manufactured wood with laminating construction, it stands sturdy. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have any outlet plugins to boot.


Modu-Licous Bedside Table

This model is more modern and minimalistic in design. With the solid wood material and powder-coated front drawer, it is available in two color options that are light yellow and medium brown. It is smaller than the other models with 19 x 24 x 18 inch dimensions.

For sleep apnea patients, it is definitely functional furniture that is worth of investment. It provides handy storage, easy access, and doesn’t take much space. CPAP nightstand is also very useful in times of emergency, when the patient is having problem in breathing and struggling to reach CPAP device.

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