Cost to Build a 12×20 Shed, and the Important Things to Know

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Cost to Build a 12x20 Shed, and the Important Things to Know

You may want to know the cost to build a 12×20 shed. The answer is not definitive because of several aspects. Before you decide, check the following list for the consideration and reference.

Buy or build shed

You have two options when building a shed: buying or building on your own. Each of them has pros and cons. Well, buying a shed means you pay others to build. You just receive the ready-made product from 12×20 shed for sale. As alternative, some stores provide pre-owned building that can be detach and attach. You just buy, and assemble it on your own. The second option is to build from the scratch. For your information, a 12×20 shed is quite large, but small enough for single person to create personally. You need to spend more money to buy a shed. In this case, building one can reduce at least 50% from initial cost.

Cost to Build a 12x20 Shed, and the Important Things to Know


The most important part when calculating the cost to build a 12×20 shed is the purpose. You can have simple shed with less features. It is usually for storage and lawn mower. The space is quite large, so the small vehicle can enter it. In that case, the shed can be a garage which requires more supports. To expand the capability, you may add the loft and more shelves.

Cost to Build a 12x20 Shed, and the Important Things to Know


The next aspect to consider is material. Most sheds are wooden building with metal frame or pillar. You should also consider the quality of materials. Usually, the cheaper products will last shortly. If you intend for long durability, invest more money on high quality material.

Cost to Build a 12x20 Shed, and the Important Things to Know

Cost calculation and budget

You need to consider the purpose and material because both have significant result on the cost calculation. In general, you may build a shed at $4,000. The cost is cheaper when you reduce the material quality and some features. On the other hand, your budget must be enough to make sure you cover something unexpected. While building, you may realize that some amenities must be installed. This situation will increase your budget. At least, the minimum budget is $6,500, and it can reach $10,000.

Buying or building is generally not too different. You should calculate everything, including the materials and tools that you will use when building a shed. If you choose buying from pre-owned product, invest more on the tools. The cost can be affordable when you know how to pick the right options and materials. That’s important thing to know related to the cost to build a 12×20 shed.

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