Cost of 20×30 Concrete Slab and How Much I Should Spend?

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Cost of 20x30 Concrete Slab and How Much I Should Spend

Planning to improve your house and need to know what’s the cost of 20×30 concrete slab? You’re on the right page. Concrete slab is a good old beneficial buddy to involve in your house improvement process. Whatever purpose it serves, you probably think nothing aside from how much the concrete slab costs.

The rule of thumb is, each location has different price. But there’s this price average that you can refer to. In general, the cost of 20×30 concrete slab (the slab only, without any additional finishes, labor cost, etc.) ranges at $4 – $8 per square foot. Given that you are having a 20×30 concrete slab, then you will need to expend around $2,400 – $4,800. To be made in average, you’ll have $3,600 per slab.

However, you should also know that there are several additional ‘charges’ that you can also add into your cart while purchasing the slab. That will include the slab thickness (the thicker the pricier), additional finishes, labor costs for additional services, and many more.

Slab thickness

It’s a sure thing that the thicker the concrete, then the higher the 20×30 concrete slab price will be. For example, a 2”-thick concrete slab typically costs you $4.55 per square foot, while 8”-thick concrete will cost you much higher—which are $7 per square foot. The price is usually already included with labor cost, but it’s better to never hesitate to ask.


Additional finishes

Regarding to finishes, you can decide whether to have the standard slab, textured, stenciled, engraved, stained, or having other types of finishes. Indeed, you need to grab more cash from your wallet if you want to add such finishes.

Wondering what types of finishes you can add to your 20×30 concrete slabs? Here’s the detail and also the price average.

  • Textured, colored, stenciled, or bordered concrete costs $8 – $12 per square foot
  • Scored, engraved, stained concrete with more colors or patterns. This will cost you $12 – $18 for each square foot.
  • Hand/advanced techniques; saw cut designs, borders, chemical stains concrete slab. For this, you should pay $18+ for each square foot.


Is it precast concrete?

In case you are having precast concrete, then you might be charged more given that such type of concrete passes more processes to make it stronger. What about the cost? Since the quality is generally better than common concrete slab, it costs quite much higher. Per square foot, you’ll be charged around $20 – $30. Don’t forget that you need to pay more too if you add finishes to it.

To sum it up, there is an average number you can refer to if you are having a concrete slab for your house. So, you may refer to that average price as the cost of 20×30 concrete slab, and try to find a lower price compared to the average one.

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