Concrete Pump Truck for Rent: Cost, Distance, and Benefits

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Companies usually need this Concrete Pump Truck for Rent to reach work locations that are difficult to get concrete as is done by ordinary trucks. Such as skyscrapers, basements, and other places that are difficult to access. The principle of operation is also not too complicated, just pouring concrete.

What is a Concrete Pump Truck for Rent?

This Concrete Pump Truck is a sizeable diesel-powered truck equipped with a mighty pump framed with an extendable cylinder. This concrete is transported by a truck mixer or batching plant. This truck’s hose or cylinder boom can be extended from 17 – 61 meters.

Some booms are even more than 80 meters long. They are adapted to the truck’s size or the available chassis. The boom can also fold into three to six sections. Therefore, the length of this boom determines how far the truck will place from the concrete that will pump.

How Much Does a Concrete Pump Rental Near Me Cost?

Some companies that rent out these concrete pump trucks charge the usual hourly rent. The price is around $150-$200 per hour. In addition, each company also has its own rental rules, such as the minimum rental time of 4 hours.

The company that rents the concrete race truck also usually sends this truck along with the operator for free. However, some companies also charge additional fees for operator services. If you are not very experienced, it is better to hire an operator.

In addition, you also have to pay the price of the concrete pumped by the truck. The leasing company usually charges the monastery around $125 per cubic yard.

What Distance and Speed ​​Can Pump Trucks Cover?

Duct pumps are typically up to 500 feet long, and boom pumps are generally up to 235 feet long. This pump truck also comes in several other additional sizes and extensions. As for the speed, this concrete pump truck has a rate of 30-100 cubic meters per hour. Much faster than transporting it by hand, right?

Benefits of Using a Concrete Pump Truck

Renting a concrete pump truck is undoubtedly more economical and efficient than buying it yourself. Moreover, the price of this truck is prohibitive. Some construction works also require these trucks to make the construction within reach. Here are some of the benefits of using a concrete pump truck.

  1. Easier to reach difficult locations

Many construction sites have terrain that is difficult to reach. Therefore, these trucks can help make it easier to transport concrete to wherever you need it.

  1. Avoid time crunches

Have you ever panicked trying to get the concrete into place before it hardened? Using this concrete pump truck will make it easier to pour all the concrete and finish it before it sets.

  1.  Save More Time

This concrete pump truck serves to help make work more efficient and not waste time. With this concrete pump truck, the result will complete faster.

  1.  Save Energy and Funds

Using a concrete truck can save you energy and money. It is because these trucks can do a lot of employee work.

Hopefully, this article can be useful and good reference for you. It is information about Concrete Pump Truck for Rent: Cost, Distance, and Benefits.

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