The Cherokee Nation Housing Floor Plans Details

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Cherokee Nation Housing Floor Plans

When people are looking for Cherokee Nation Housing floor plans, probably they want to imitate the house style of the community. As we know, Cherokee Nation is a sort of Native American community in Oklahoma. Those who live in this community are given quite a lot of rules, including the rules related to the house. The house in the community should only be one-story house with two to four rooms. Here is more information about the house and some of its floor plans.

Cherokee Nation Two-bedroom Home

There will be several Cherokee Nation Housing floor plans here. The first one over here is the simplest one or the two-bedroom one. One of the rules for the floor plan of the two-bedroom house is that it should not be wider than 720 square feet. Typically, it consists simply of two bedrooms, one bathroom and a small kitchen. It does not completed by garage as this type of house in the community is expected to be used by elderly. The average mortgage to get this house to possession should be less than $300 per month.


Cherokee Nation Three-bedroom Home

The three-bedroom house in the Cherokee Nation community is slightly bigger than the two-bedroom one. The house covers approximately 1,000 square feet. Besides of the three bedrooms and a kitchen, the house is allowed to have two bathrooms. However, the second bathroom can only in the form of half bathroom (consists of toilet and sink only). It does have a garage and the mortgage will be around $350 per month.


Cherokee Nation Four-bedroom Home

According to the Cherokee Nation housing rules, the houses should have the maximum number of four for the bedroom. This is why the last floor plan here will be displaying the four-bedroom house. This is the biggest type of the house in the community with 1,100 square feet. It has four bedrooms, one whole bathroom, one half bathroom, and kitchen. It does not have garage and the mortgage is around $350 to $400 per month.

The house in the Cherokee community is made simple. It does not look grand. However, they should all be comfortable for the whole community to live. If you have the desire to copy the look of the house or even you want to build one right now. Those Cherokee Nation Housing floor plans displayed above will certainly help you in building the house, whether it is the two, three or the four-bedroom one.

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