Chamberlain B970 as the Best Garage Opener with Many Outstanding Features

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Chamberlain B970

Chamberlain B970 is probably one of the best garage openers for smart homes amongst its competitors. The garage door opener is really useful when you just pulled from driveway and could not bother to get out from your vehicle because of the pouring rain or the direct hit of the sun. It does its basic job right by lifting the heavy garage door and having convenient remote to control. However, what make it amazing are the beneficial features to boot.

Chamberlain B970 Features

The first amazing additional feature is the built-in backup battery. In case of power outage or power cut, you will still be able to access your garage through the backup power source, thanks to this feature. It is equipped by 1 ¼ horsepower, making it one of the most powerful garage openers. By that measurement, it is able to lift and provide space for two cars up to 7 to 10 ft. This device is surprisingly and particularly easy to install, by following the guide on the Chamberlain B970 manual of installation. It also operates quieter than most of its peers, because the lift system it has using a steel-reinforced belt. It works so smooth, and will not interfere with your sleep at night because it produces very minimal noise by the anti-vibration technology.

The safety feature that comes in Chamberlain B970 is also a top notch, which is an essential requirement in this smart-tech age. It provides immaculate security by helping you prevent hackers to intercept the code between the garage and the remote control.  It has lock-mode feature that you can utilize when you are away for a trip or holiday, so that nobody will be able to open the door until you have returned by remote control. The chance of somebody trespassing or to have a breach of security is none, thus all your possessions inside the garage is entirely secure.

In case you forgot to bring your remote control, you can use MyQ app from your smartphone to lift the garage door. This feature is possible due to the built-in Wi-Fi that can be used on any device with internet connection. The Wi-Fi is unfortunately limited only to 2.4 GHz, but it works pretty well. This app will also alert you if there is an opening or closing garage door activity.

All in all, this device is pretty impressive because of the price that is relatively affordable compared to all of the outstanding features it has. Chamberlain B970 has fulfilled all the criteria of reliable, safe, strong, and quite garage door opener without digging holes on your pocket.

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