Celotex Ceiling Tile with Asbestos: The Danger and How to Handle It

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Celotex Ceiling Tile with Asbestos

Celotex ceiling tile is one of the products of Celotex, a fiberboard manufacturer that has been around since as early as 1920s. It developed and expanded throughout the twentieth century by producing various materials for construction such as shingles, roofing, and siding. Ceiling tile (CT) itself was a material that served as ceiling covers in the past. It contains asbestos, a type of mineral with fireproof and heat resistant qualities.

CT used to very popular due to its various advantages. First, it was a budget friendly material that people could easily found in local supply stores for building. The installation process was relatively easy too. However, it had several downsides as well, which mostly came from maintenance aspect. The biggest disadvantage was because the extremely low probability for repair if ever they get dampened, for example because of leakage in the roof. The uses of Celotex ceiling tiles asbestos only lasted up until mid-1980s, before it was replaced by sheet rock that’s commonly utilized until these days.

Another drawback of asbestos tiles for ceiling, which is the most crucial one, is its safety. The mineral in Asbestos is comprised of sheer fibers. When the asbestos is decayed or corrupted, the fibers are floating in the air and become toxic dust for whoever inhales them. If people are being exposed to the fibers continuously for years, there’s possibility that they might develop mesothelioma – a type of cancer in which the tumors are forming and growing in the linings of heart, lungs, or abdomen.

In case you suspect that your house has Celotex ceiling tile or any type of asbestos, leave it intact as best as possible. Reach a professional of asbestos quickly if it appears to be damaged and avoid the area until the asbestos presence is confirmed. Knowing the exact locations of asbestos ceiling inside your house and its recent condition are the best ways to prevent unwanted exposure to its dust.

Older houses have much higher possibility of having asbestos materials. Remember that you absolutely have to contact professional when the existing asbestos needs repair, as minor as it may seems. Managing the asbestos improperly will create risk of exposure. Identifying asbestos in a material is rather difficult to be done by common person, so take a sample and send it to be tested. It is always best to leave the damaged Celotex ceiling tile to a trained or expert person who knows how to handle it properly.

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