Cedar Shiplap Siding Material Benefits for Home Exterior Construction

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Cedar Shiplap Siding Material Benefits for Home Exterior Construction

Cedar shiplap siding is one of the many material options available to choose if you want to install the particular exterior part of your house. Cedar wood is the perfect pick to go in case you desire to create more natural and more rustic vibes. This material has a range of benefits aside, which you may read below if you’re interested in it.

Aesthetic purpose

Curb appeal is one of the main reasons why cedar is a favorite amongst many homeowners. The wood gives wonderful appearance if natural and rustic exterior looks are what you aimed for. Cedar has been utilized for centuries as a material for siding, so it provides traditional feels that certainly will make your property stands out amongst the neighborhood.

Moreover, even though majority of homeowners choose to leave the cedar as how it originally appears – maybe only opt for clear finish to preserve the natural look, it is totally possible to paint the wood. You can find and use red or white cedar shiplap siding as their original colors, but there’s nothing wrong to experiment with wider array of color alternatives with paint.


Durability and longevity

For a natural material that’s not a hardwood, cedar is quite reliable when it comes to provide durability. It has excellent resistant to typical wood problems such as moisture, rot, bacteria, or fungus – which explains why this specific type of wood has been utilized as home protection far before the modern construction industry was developed.

To provide even more longevity, you may apply finish over the siding. It is also recommended to do maintenance care once in a while such as cleaning at least twice a year and inspecting the existence of bugs and moisture.



You may assume that utilizing wood material for siding purpose is not exactly sustainable and environmentally friendly. That being said, it is actually pretty much the opposite. Assuming that you purchase and use sustainably sourced wood, cedar material is more ecofriendly than, let’s say, vinyl which the manufacturing process requires petroleum component. For those of you who don’t want to create a lot of carbon footprint just for the sake of making your house appears pretty, cedar shiplap siding won’t make a hurtful choice at all.

A wide range of shiplap siding materials will be available and found easily in most major home improvement stores, or you may opt to browse online to check your alternatives. Aside from cedar shiplap siding, you possibly find other material options such as raw pine, plywood, engineered wood, composite, or metal.

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