CB2 Stairway Bookcase to Tidy Up Your Room

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CB2 Stairway Bookcase to Tidy Up Your Room

CB2 stairway bookcase can be an option if you want to have a different bookcase than the usual design. It is made with modern and minimalist style. In fact, a neat room is certainly everyone’s dream. However, only those who consider the spatial layout and objects can obtain it. Therefore, it is very important to pay attention to the room details, such as the bookshelf. Well, bookshelf for the room must be chosen based on the room’s design and concept. Let’s check the further information about CB2 bookcase.

CB2 Stairway Bookcase to Tidy Up Your Room

The design

With its simple design, CB2 stairway bookcase will make your room neat and functional. Moreover, the simplicity of its shape and appearance make this bookcase suitable to be placed in the space with a variety of angles. In addition, its size is not too big, so it fits both for the spacious and narrow room. In spacious area, this bookcase can decorate the corner, while in narrow room; it might be used to optimize the layout.

Then, this wall mounted bookcase can optimize the utilization of blank wall. There is no need to look for excessive wall hangings anymore because you can display this bookcase as a part of decoration. Of course, it is more functional than certain wall hangings. Besides for the books, you can also put other accessories there, such as the collection of miniatures, clocks, or photo frames. Well, this furniture also comes in neutral color, so it can be combined with other accents and hues.

CB2 Stairway Bookcase to Tidy Up Your Room

The material

The next is about materials. This bookcase is made of aluminum alloy coated with white paint. This combination makes this bookcase solid and durable. Furthermore, the construction is very well connected, so it will not break, oxidize and rust easily.

One more advantage, this bookcase is actually a multifunctional item not only for bedroom or workplace, but also for kitchen, bathroom, and even your garden. In kitchen, you can just use it as the area to put the spice collection boxes. Meanwhile in bathroom, it can be a place to put the soap, towels, and other toiletries. For garden, just put your ornamental plants there and it will be the focal point.

Well, those are some advantages of using this multifunctional bookcase. It can be used for decoration or to maximize the placement of many objects. How do you think? This CB2 stairway bookcase is very useful and practical, right?

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