CB2 Helix Bookcase Best Variations to Bring Home Today

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CB2 Helix Bookcase

CB2 Helix bookcase is one of the best types of furniture you need to bring home, especially when you do have a huge collection of books. There are so many product variations from CB2 when it comes to bookcase. You can basically select any of them that match with your house style and theme. Here are some of the best bookcase variations from CB2 Helix.


CB2 Trace Wire Mesh Door Bookcase

USD 1399

A bookcase is usually designed with an open area on the shelf. It means everyone can see the books lining neatly inside the bookcase. However, if you want the bookcase to have a sort of shield or door to prevent the books from being exposed from outside, you need this Trace Wire Mesh Door bookcase from CB2. This product is basically perfect for this purpose as the wire mesh in it will keep the book safe on the inside.


CB2 Caged Black Marble Bookcase

USD 1399

This Caged Black Marble bookcase is one of the most unique-looking products of CB2 Helix bookcase. This bookcase is completed by cage-like frame and black marble shelves, making it look incredibly decorative and unique for any rooms. The frame is made out of steel so you do not have to worry about the bookcase’s durability. It will remain in good condition for years with proper and regular maintenance.


CB2 V Bookcase-Room Divider

USD 799

Bookcases are often used as room divider. For this purpose, you need the bookcase to be tall enough. You can buy the V Bookcase-Room Divider from CB2. It is definitely tall and the teak-colored bookcase won’t let you down as they have the best quality and appearance. The CB2 bookcase will help keeping your book in place and decorating your house as well.


CB2 Go-Cart Black Five-Shelf Rolling Bookcase

USD 229

If you want to own a moveable bookcase, you need to get this Go-Cart Black Five-Shelf Rolling Bookcase. This bookcase has small wheels on the bottom of the legs, making it possible for you to move it around the house as you please. The CB2 Helix bookcase instructions on this product are pretty easy to follow; hence the assembling process will be effortless for everyone.

Those are some of the best products that you can find on CB2 Helix when it comes to bookcases. Considering that this type of furniture is essential enough for keeping book collections nice and tidy, make sure that you select the product of CB2 Helix bookcase from now on.

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