• dog toys for aggressive chewers

    Dog Toys for Aggressive Chewers with Indestructible Material and Attractive Design

    Owner needs dog toys for aggressive chewers for some reasons. Dogs are the animal with strong teeth and jaw that could tear apart fluffy thing. Moreover, your dog likes to enjoy playing, and toys are something that has to be ready. During playing session, there is time when the dog bites and wants to chew that toy. Vulnerable material is easy to fall into small pieces. Most importantly, that debris or piece might be in dog mouth with risk for reaching the intestinal. To overcome this situation, you need proper toys for aggressive chewer.

    How do you tell that your dog is aggressive? The simple way is in the toy itself. If you see much bitten mark, it is solid proof where the recent toy is no longer support. Some dog breeds have strong jaw with aggressive character. Pitbull and Labrador are known for having this issue. Therefore, it is time to bring better toys with indestructible material and high quality compound.

    Before going to the store, you should consider few basic things about dog toys for aggressive chewers. The material is the key and you have few options. Rubber is common for this kind of toy due to high durability. After that, you should consider safety because each material has different quality. You should read the manual to understand any risk when giving the dog that toy. Next thing is appearance or design. Dog has sense to recognize interesting toy based on shape and size. You can buy the one with bright color. Below list provides general ideas about reliable toy for dog with aggressive chewer issue.


    Rubber ball and static toy

    The most common toy is rubber ball. You can have it with various colors then start playing easily. As similar to rubber ball, other toys with static mode are good option to keep the dog in check. Static means you do not need to operate manually or automatically.


    Flying toy or moving thing

    To soothe aggressive character, dog owner often brings the toy for outdoor activity. You can throw or kick toy then the dog will catch it. In that situation, dog feels excited and the toy might receive strong bitten force. Therefore, you just need to pick solid and indestructible flying toy to accommodate such situation.

    Well, the toys should adjust with dog breed and characteristic. Even though the dog is at home all day long, aggressive chewing is still inevitable. That’s simple way when you intend to purchase dog toys for aggressive chewers.

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  • Automatic cat feeder wet food

    What to Consider When Choosing Automatic Cat Feeder Wet Food?

    Automatic cat feeder wet food is one of most sought items by cat owners. Feeding the cat with wet food is considered to be healthier these days. Wet food, especially the homemade one, is easier to digest by the cat and prevent from getting digestive problems. However, giving wet food is not something convenient. It needs more efforts than feeding a cat with dry food. One of the efforts is of course choosing the right cat feeder for the wet food.

    The cat feeder designed for wet food is usually sturdier because it has to be able to keep the wet food fresh and edible for the whole day. If you do not want to feed the cat on your own every day, you can choose the cat feeder with automatic feature. This cat feeder has the ability to prepare meal for your cat automatically, after being previously set up, of course.

    For your information, finding the best automatic cat feeder wet food is extremely important. It is because there are so many manufacturers and brands of cat feeder with automatic feature out there. You want to choose the wet food automatic feeder that has useful features to help you feed the cat every single day. So, what to consider when buying this particular cat feeder? Down below you will find out what to consider when you want to buy a new cat feeder for wet food.

    Basically, there are two major considerations. The first one is its build quality. Automatic cat feeder designed for wet food must be really sturdy and has excellent build quality. Cat is an active pet and it does not stand still while being fed. You want to buy a sturdy cat feeder to make sure that the cat does not break the feeder easily. For this purpose, choose automatic cat feeder wet food with tight locking feature as well.

    The second consideration is about the size of bowl. Being an automatic machine means you do not have to be there on feeding time. If the feeder ejects too much food at a time, your cat can overeat and get obese. The amount of food ejected by the feeder is usually adjusted with the size of bowl. Therefore, choose automatic cat feeder wet food with the right size of bowl, approximately enough for 1 cup to 1 ½ cup worth of food for the cat.

  • cat throwing up undigested food

    Is It Dangerous if Cat Throwing Up Undigested Food Hours After Eating?

    Is your cat throwing up undigested food? Well, most cat owners have witnessed their cats doing so for at least once or twice. Generally, throwing up or vomiting is never considered to be a good sign. It is probably the sign that something is not right with the cat’s health or digestive system. When your cat is throwing up its whole foods not too long after eating them, what does it mean?

    One of the most common reasons why cat is vomiting whole food is the fact that it eats the food too fast. Eating too fast means less chewing and the foods get swallowed wholly. Besides, it can cause more air to enter the throat and fill in the stomach of the cat. This is why cat throwing up digested food after eating can happen so many times.

    The air causes the cat to feel bloated and at some points, it will vomit and the whole, undigested foods the cat just ate come out as well. When this happens, of course the cat will feel so uncomfortable and they will feel hungry as well because they do not get to fill their stomach with food. To stop this vomiting, you need to make sure that the cat is slowing down the gobbling when you feed it.

    To do that, you need to feed the cat in piece. Cats tend to eat rapidly when they are surrounded by people or the situation around it is hectic and noisy. Feed your cat in solitude. Make sure the cat is uninterrupted when it eats the meal. That way, the cat will surely eat slower. It enjoys its meal and has the time to chew the meal properly.

    If it is difficult for you to give solitude to the cat, you can split the meal in smaller portions. When cat is given meal in smaller portion, it tends to eat it slowly, just to savor the meal. After your cat finish the first small bowl, give the next bowl and so on until the entire meal is consumed. It will prevent cat throwing up undigested food after eating.

    That is basically the information that you need to know about cats vomiting undigested food. In conclusion, it is not dangerous. If the vomiting is not followed by other symptoms, such as diarrhea and loss of appetite, it basically means that your cat is just eating up too fast. However, if your cat throwing up undigested food too many times, you probably want to take it to the vet and have everything checked for prevention.

  • Orvis bedside platform dog bed

    Make Your Own Orvis Bedside Platform Dog Bed

    Since 1856, Orvis has been providing you with the best products to assist your daily life. From high-quality clothing to hunt gears to dog’s needs, they have it all. Orvis bedside platform dog bed is one of them. However, the sad news is that since a couple years ago, Orvis hasn’t made a single product for this special dog bed. The latest product coming from this line came out about three years ago and has been unavailable since it is out of stock. But worry not because you can always make your own project of bedside platform dog bed by using Orvis other products.

    The key in Orvis bedside platform dog bed is, of course, an elevated dog bed. As simple as you assume, you will place a platform in one of your bed’s side and provide a step to ease your dog in climbing its own bed. One product which may suit your purpose is this medium lightweight foam steps. A sturdy yet lightweight step can support and become the solid footing to your dog’s tiny legs. The cover is removable, so it will be easier for you to wash them.

    The second product for your own project of Orvis bedside platform dog bed is the Orvis platform dog bed. As there are various lines of dog bed provided by Orvis, you can choose one of them which is the most suitable for your beloved buddy. For example, if your buddy likes to lay their claws and teeth on any soft and cushy material, then it might be the best if you choose a dog bed with ToughChew label on it. This label of dog bed specifically made for destructive dogs to save you from troubles. But if your dog is calm and collected kind of dog, then it is not necessary for you to use Orvis ToughChew dog bed.

    Now the last thing you need to find for this special project of bedside platform dog bed to be perfect is a wooden box. There are no specific requirements for the box, but one thing for sure is that the height of the box should match the height of the foam steps. By arranging the platform dog bed on top of the box and place them neatly in one side of your bed with the foam steps then your dog is ready to lie on its own Orvis bedside platform dog bed.

  • dog swollen eye home treatment

    Dog Swollen Eye Home Treatment for Early Stages Infection or Injury

    Several methods are available for dog swollen eye home treatment in early stages infection. Swollen eye in animal is the issue that might turn into big problem. It has several causes, but complicated case requires professional help. As early stage, you can do preliminary treatment in order to isolate swelling area. Swollen might be at eyes or eyelid that both have different approach.

    The pets like dog and cat are similar to human in term of morphology. Their eyes are sensitive to sharp light, dust and dirt, strong wind, scratch, liquid and water, even temperature level. The most common situation is eye scratching using their paws. It happens because something is in their eyes that lead to itching condition. As response, dog will do scratching directly although animal has sense and instinct for safety. Other causes are fighting, infection, chemical, and other substances. Fighting is common in animal, even dog has aggressive character.

    How do you apply dog swollen eye home treatment? After you know the cause of this situation, there are several actions as preliminary treatment. Keep in mind this article assumes you are not veterinarian who has trained in pet and animal procedure.


    Keep swollen intake and cleaning eyelid

    First thing to do is to avoid spreading because of severe eye condition. If the eyes are contacted to chemical or debris, use clean and warm clothes to ease he pain immediately. You might add warm water to soothe the eye, but cold one for scratching and fighting issue. Blow the smooth air directly to eyes on order to get rid of any debris or dust. Wash with clean water if the eyes still feel uneasy. Cleaning is important because you need to make sure there is no further infection or swollen before putting bandage.



    As usual, bandage is the key to treat dog swollen around eye or any injury. One reason why dog uses paw to touch the eyes is open condition. Bandage protects the eyes from direct scratching or contact. After cleaning is done, keep the eyes in dry condition. Apply bandage in two layers, soft and hard one.

    Sometimes, simple treatment with bandage and first aid medicine is enough. Both are useful for small scratching or debris penetration. On contrary, you might need professional help from veterinary attention if that’s not something you can handle. In that case, dog swollen eye home treatment is still helpful enough as preliminary treatment.