Carrera Marble Countertops Review and Why You Have to Have Them for Your Kitchen

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Carrera Marble Countertops Review and Why You Have to Have Them for Your Kitchen

Carrera marble countertops are made from the legendary and popular Italian marble. This type of marble has been worldwide, and it has even contributed to provide luxury, beauty, and elegance of historic buildings and other important buildings. Currently, it is also a valuable item as it is difficult to be obtained in large quantities. This makes the material special. In addition, its appearance that looks classy to be used on countertops makes the price more expensive than any other types of countertops. Are you interested in buying this countertop made of Carrera marble? Well, just read some features below.


The Gorgeous Pattern

In fact, the characteristics of these countertops are the smooth and even pattern. Those are the specialty of them. This feature also distinguishes this marble from others. In addition, the colors are predominantly grayish white with an elongated and evenly abstract pattern. The pattern is gray with random shapes. It also has two variations: softer vein pattern and a firmer vein pattern. Because of its thickness, this Carrera marble is indeed suitable to be countertop.


It is Imported from Italy

As the name implies, the raw material for these countertops is of course Carrera marble imported from Italy. The advantage of it is in the perfect finishing process. The manufacturing process that uses the latest technology makes it so shiny and looks luxurious.


More Durable Construction

The characteristics of Carrera marble, which is a hard and tough material, make it not easy to crack and break if it is hit by a light impact. Due to the hard nature of marble, it can provide a perfect surface luster and also the gloss that can last for quite a long time. This is one more thing that makes Carrera marble countertops worth to buy. Besides, these countertops are chosen because they are very suitable for use in tropical climates. The durability of color and pattern against hot weather makes them even more interesting.


Add Value to the Beauty of Your Room

These marble countertops are indeed very suitable if applied in the residential interior kitchen. The dominant color is gray-white completed with abstract motifs and patterns, giving your kitchen a graceful and luxurious impression. Using them for your kitchen will add the value to your house. Well, Carrera marble countertops are also very suitable when combined with other natural colors, such as gray, brown, or even black.

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