Cambria Skara Brae as Option for Application in Your Kitchen Space

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Cambria Skara Brae as Option for Application in Your Kitchen Space

The use of Cambria Skara Brae is increasing these days. People are particularly enraptured by its interesting patterns. It has nice contrast between white and black. You can see wavy patterns unlike river flow on top of the slab. This pattern certainly looks classy but interesting and bold enough. Thus, many homeowners start their hunt for it. The surge of demand might influence Cambria Skara Brae price a little bit. However, many homeowners just care about making their space more interesting. This particular slab is often installed within the kitchen area, particularly on the countertop. How to design your kitchen to showcase this beautiful pattern?

If you own a classic style kitchen, you might want to add this rock slab because it is going to enhance the timeless feeling that you are going for. For smaller size kitchen, instead of installing it on your kitchen countertop, you might be encouraged to place it on the kitchen island’s countertop. It is because the slab’s pattern would be highlighted more in that condition. You should install overhead lights in order to highlight the beautiful island in your kitchen. It would be good if you paint your cabinet in pure white color. You will definitely achieve the subdued classic look that you are going for.

Application for Cambria Skara Brae

Another application of Cambria Skara Brae in the kitchen would be in casual and small modern kitchen. As you probably know, modern kitchen would prefer sleek look and tend to shy away from pattern. However, it does not mean that this slab’s pattern would clash badly with your overall modern vibe. In this case, there are two separated figural space. The area that looks absolutely modern is the main cooking area. You can see electrical appliances such as microwaves and fridge which are in metal color. And then, you install the patterned rock slab on the island’s top. In order to accompany the rich pattern, you can add wooden stools that also has similar wavy pattern although in different color.

Contrasting white and black color will also do you great. You can install these tops on kitchen cabinets that are painted white. It would be great if the kitchen is located in a space that gets access to direct sunlight. That will illuminate the room with natural light. The result is bright kitchen space that highlights your countertop’s gorgeous pattern. There are many other applications of this particular rock slab. You can install Cambria Skara Brae in your bathroom or even study room.

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