Calacatta Gold Marble Slab, and the Truth about this High-End Stone

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Calacatta Gold Marble Slab, and the Truth about this High-End Stone

Calacatta gold marble slab is proof that not all marble has the same feature even though they are created equally. Each type of marble is also undergoing the same exact transformation from limestone into a shimmering natural stone. Calacatta marble is a type of stunning marble with a unique look and high-end quality for a wide range of purposes.

Unique look

Calacatta marble is known as a unique marble for its dense and bold vein patterns. In comparison to the Carrara marble, which has lots of delicate vein patterns, the Calacatta has a fewer pattern but more vivid and varied vein patterns. The color of Calacatta marble also has a broad appeal to many professional architects and designers due to its background, color tones, and white gold vein patterns. The brighter the color background, the higher the Calacatta gold marble slab price.

Calacatta Gold Marble Slab, and the Truth about this High-End Stone

High-end quality

The word “high-end” is closely related to the word “rare” because of limited supply, and high demand also means higher prices. Calacatta marble appears remarkable and is also extraordinary in that only one mine in the whole world that is located in Carrara, Italy.

The production of Calacatta gold marble slab from this mine is limited and well-regulated. Weather factors also play a significant role in the whole production process because the mine’s trail, which is located on the top of the mountain in Carrara, could be extremely challenging during the extreme winter season. All these factors contribute to Calacatta’s scarcity and cost.


Calacatta marble is widely known as an elegance stone. That is why this stunning marble is commonly applied in many recognizable areas. For instance, Calacatta marble is widely used for flooring tiles in the entrance of corporate offices. But, Calacatta tiles and slabs are highly advised for a wide range of indoor installations. It includes in the countertops as well as backsplashes of the kitchen. Countertops made of Calacatta marble can be found in corporate conference rooms and luxury homes.

Calacatta marble tiles are also regularly used in the shower walls, bathroom, and the surrounding of the bathtub. It’s because Calacatta marble is easy to clean, and a bathroom is mostly seen as an extravagance area by many. Calacatta gold marble slab is also great to be used in areas such as around the furnaces and hot springs due to its appealing pattern and the modern attraction that will always pop up whenever people look at it.

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