Buffing Pads for Floors: What are those and What Kind of Flooring Can be Cleaned Well Using the Pads?

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Buffing Pads for Floors

Wondering what buffing pads for floors are? Well, you are not the only one. Buffing pads are pads, often come in circular shape, which are mainly used to polish hard materials. Buffing pad can also be used to apply sealants, wax, or any type of coatings. Although it mainly is made of foam, you may also find buffing pads made from wool, microfiber, or the combo of microfiber, foam, and wool.

Buffing pads are just one from many floor pads commonly found. If you want to purchase your buffing pads for floors, you should know what buffing pads are mainly used for and what floor types can suit well with buffing pads.

You may have known that buffing pads are capable to remove dust and light scratch marks. This type of pad can also be used to produce a shiny finish on your floor. Its surface is made to be soft—yet strong enough to clean the floor and retain the shiny finish. That said, it can be used for daily cleaning task.

Buffing pads are not used to clean at a high RPM. According to sources, you can use buffing pads if the machine you are working with rotates at 350-800 RPM. At lower or higher RPM, buffing pad would not be a perfect pad to work with.

The type of floors that buffing pad can work with will be mentioned as follows:

  • VCT (vinyl composition tile), this material is mainly used in high-traffic areas. Hence, it is designed to be able to withstand buffing pad. So, daily cleaning won’t be an issue for this long-lasting flooring material.
  • VAT (vinyl asbestos tile), this tile type contains asbestos as its materials, yet with lower to no risk for human’s health when handled properly. Many old buildings still have this on its building, and buffing pads are the right guy to call for cleaning.
  • Terrazzo, this flooring is known for its feature being multi-material. Terrazzo flooring is made from quartz, granite, marble, or glass, then poured with a combining material.
  • Concrete surface
  • Sheet vinyl, just as its name, this one is made of vinyl yet the flooring comes as a continuous and flexible sheet—it’s also impermeable to water given that it is made from ‘plastic’-like material.
  • Granite, this kind of flooring comes as a good option for durable and strong natural stone. It’s very stylish when made as floor, and it’s also easy to clean.

So, that’s the information about buffing pads and what types of flooring can be cleaned well with these pads. Hope you find this article about buffing pads for floors useful for you.

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